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My Name Ethan Not Satan


 some say, the mate is in the hands of god in the hands of god so I am afraid to take it so I still haha ​​haha ​​haha ​​haha, which certainly do not be afraid because god who touch our soul mate and our future because god is most generous so do not be afraid yes. 

I want to tell my story at the start on my 17th birthday. and until now I have never felt dating. as a less popular and talent student, this year's birthday as usual there is no celebration and maybe it's a report book and god knows my birthday. it's so unnecessary to overdo it like in Drama. 

although I am less well known in school but I still have my friends ... ops I forgot to introduce my name. my name is Ethan Prastyo often also my classmates call me satans because there Ethan my name so anyway.

 as usual in the quiet class and full of wisdom ceii ciee excessive really ya it seems the opposite of that dah my class a bit noisy knowing I was 2C class. as usual standar class is not very clever naughty class so relaxed.

 because the class in the middle like this so sometimes formed gangs (groups) are divided by the specual skills or face know high school