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Sell Land to island, 4 it is done Malaysia for the sake of the state debt

The fate of one country can indeed go up and down, now successful tomorrow can be a dismay. In the 2000-2006 era, Malaysia gained the nickname of the Southeast Asian tiger, but is different from now. The land of Jiran is not as clear as the toothless tiger that loses its fangs and teeth, helpless.

The reason is that Malaysia has been wrapped in economic crisis, so that countries inevitably have to pay more debt. Over the last few months there may be a lot of news spread that people do all the ways to help the country, including raising funds together. The government certainly did not stay silent, for the sake of Malaysia, his prime minister to do the following things.

Salary of state officials

Salary of officials [picture Source]
Have a position as an official, certainly the salary gained is also greater. Therefore, PM Mahatir Mohamad made the policy that the salary of the ministers of the state will be deducted by 10%. It has been disclosed since May 2018 ago. However, for those whose salary is small, trimming will not be enforced. This agreement was also granted by Raja Malaysia, Sultan Muhammad V – who agreed to pay and his support cut by 10% until the end of his term.

Apply different tax systems

Apply new tax rules [picture Source], since October 2018, Malaysia has plans to implement a new tax scheme, to boost state acceptance. Also, the sale of the asset is included in the growing option of debt payments of countries. This tax will be applied differently from sales and services, and will not burden the people according to PM Mahatir Mohamad. The money generated from the tax will be used to help the settlement of more and more state debt.
Cancellation of cooperation with other countries

Cancel cooperation with China [picture courtesy]
One of the projects being financed by China is the rapid trains (linking the east coast of Malaysia to southern Thailand and Kuala Lumpur) as well as two gas pipelines, which cost about $22 billion (Rp325,4 trillion) in Rupiah. The cancellation of these three mega projects is nothing but the prosperity of Malaysia in the future. Free Dong If you have a good country facilities, but debt piled up and make a bangture, right?
Plans to sell state assets

Plan to sell state assets [picture Source]
As a person who is responsible for all people in a country, it must be very heavy in the position of Mahatir Mohamad. He should turn the brain on how to make Malaysia back up. Besides the above way, other initiatives are selling state assets, in this case land and island. "We still have a number of other assets. In fact, we may, if necessary, sell government-owned land, "Mahathir said to reporters in the parliament building, Thursday (4/4), reported However, in this case Mahatir still ensures that the government-owned assets that will be sold must fall into the hands of Malaysians themselves, not foreigners.
Another effort undertaken by Malaysian PM is to exert all its people to help alleviate the country that has been terseok-seok. He initiated the opening of the Hope Fund or Tabungan Harapan, where the people – whoever and wherever he were, could help to donate any amount. Up to now, the number of savings has reached hundreds of billions. Really Solid if the debt of the country is paid this way?