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The first decline in debt and investment from China, now Mahathir asks China to invest, even think of him as a friend

Malaysia's prime Minister Mahathir again seemed to have to swallow his own lured on Malaysian and Chinese relations.

Surely many people remember how Mahathir was so hard rejecting loans and investments from China.

In early March, for example, Mahathir once gave a warning to President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte not to just get a shout out of China's loans.

 "If you borrow some money from China and can't pay, then the lender will master. We must be careful, "said Mahathir at the time, as reported from

Previously, in early February, Mahathir briefly presented his plan to cancel the rapid train project which used loan funds from China

"The project will make us fall poor, so we expect the understanding of the parties that the decision is not because we want to make you angry. But because we are really strict about finance, "said the prime minister as reported from

In one occasion Mahathir also rejected the investment and arrival of FOREIGNERS from China to Malaysia for fear of the citizens unable to compete.

But it used to be. Now, Mahathir's remarks seemed to be opposite. He claimed to be friendly with China even opened room for China investing in Malaysia.

Mahathir Mohamad, the second left, and Xi Jinping met in Beijing on Monday
Yes, now, Mahathir praised China and hoped that the country in the East Asia region could continue to provide investment for the country  "Neighbor ".

Speaking in dialogue sessions with the company's bosses facilitated by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Trade (MITI), Mahathir hopes that cooperation can be further.

Preached named Via Malaysia now Thursday (25/4/2019), AM nicknamed Dr M it hopes the Chinese business community can see the opportunities in Malaysia and invest.

 "We have a friendly government and can help investors. Malaysia is a Chinese friend and is ready to work together in the business sector, "he praises Mahathir.

China has reported Malaysia's largest trading partner in the last 10 years. Last year, the trade of two countries reached 313 billion ringgit, or Rp 1,074 trillion.

The figure rose eight percent compared to 2017. As for Malaysia is the largest trading partner of Beijing when compared to other ASEN member countries.

Mahathir claimed since gaining independence in 1957, Malaysia has invited investors from all over the world. Investors see Malaysian political situation more stable than neighboring countries.

 "The foreign investors get a lot of profit after investing in Malaysia," explained the PM that ever ruled in the period from 1981 to 2003.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad
Mahathir in China in the course of a five-day visit and also attended the second Belt and Road Initiative SUMMIT, was invited directly by President Xi Jinping.

Responding to questions from dialogue participants, Mahathir confirmed Malaysian business and investment conditions were unchanged even though he was back in power since May 2018.

Further, Mahathir revealed his reign considered lowering taxes so that it could further enhance the investment climate there.