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Advantages of Mobile Legends You Won't Find in Other MOBAs

Who doesn't know Mobile Legends now, the number 1 MOBA game in Indonesia, maybe even in the world. This classic MOBA game is in great demand because of its simple game, good graphics with a classic theme, and not to wasteful quota when played.

We are alerts from (10/15/2017), Mobile Legends is a game of Millions of people, so it's not a million anymore. This one MOBA game is present on Android and iOS devices, but most users are of course Android users.

This game that has a map lane similar to DOTA 2 is the best MOBA game because it has several advantages not possessed by other games, but among the advantages that you Mobile Legends players already know, here are 5 other advantages of Mobile Legends that rarely have other MOBA games.

1. Anyone Played

Regardless of Gender, Occupation, Even Age, Mobile Legends is played by anyone around the world, from children to fathers. Try to look around when someone is playing a game, most of them must be playing Mobile Legends.

2. Get New Friends

You will definitely get new friends from playing Mobile Legends, both friends in cyberspace, and in the real world. You can even make friends with people from different countries through this Mobile Legends game.

3. The Widest Community

If you find out, the most MOBA gamers community must be Mobile Legends, in every region, district, city, and even provincial level there is a Mobile Legends community, both Online / Offline.

4. Downloaded Most Frequently

Did you know that Mobile Legends is the MOBA game with the most number of downloads on the Google Play Store, where Mobile Legends has been downloaded more than 50 million times, remember to download, it doesn't mean that Mobile Legends players currently have 50 million People, Maybe less, or even more.

5. Facebook Like the Most

Try to check the most MOBA FP games, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the winner. FP Mobile Legends has been liked by more than 7 million people, and we can be sure that most of them are Indonesian.

Now that's 5 advantages of Mobile Legends that we can share, for those of you who have never played Mobile Legends, we recommend to try it. But do not get addicted and forget about Time.