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Benefits of sugarcane bagasse that many people do not know yet

Benefits of sugarcane bagasse that many people do not know yet

In the sugar processing industry, bagasse seems to be a commodity that is also quite sought after. Sugarcane bagasse processing has economic value, even abroad. No wonder then that at the end of 2014 PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) X sold sugarcane bagasse to the South Korean market. Compared to the domestic market, the selling price of bagasse for Korea is higher.

According to the Head of the PT PN X Renbang Division Dicky Irasmanto a few years ago, PTPN X had actually targeted Japan and South Korea to market sugarcane bagasse. But South Korea turned out to have responded to PTPN X's efforts first. "We have sent samples of prospective buyers from South Korea to both pulp and pulp residues that have been in the form of pellets," said Dicky, as reported by JPNN.

Dicky said, the market potential of sugarcane bagasse for South Korea was very large, reaching more than 300 thousand. Meanwhile, bagasse saving at PTPN X is around 80 thousand tons per year. "The prices they offer are quite high. If we sell domestic pulp, the price per kilogram of pulp is only Rp. 200, while for exports it can reach the price of Rp. 500 per kg, "he said.

Sugarcane bagasse waste such as molasses reportedly can be used for various purposes, one of which is animal feed. "Molasses is a process of making sugar obtained from the separation of syrup. In Indonesia molasses are usually used as an alternative to animal feed and raw material for making mono sodium glutamate (MSG), "said Dr. Isnaeni, MS., Apt, lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR.

In general, molasses offers a variety of benefits or uses for animal feed, for example it can fatten livestock, increase the appetite of livestock, increase microbial activity in the rumen (part of the cow's stomach), a source of sugar and vitamins in livestock, a source of essential energy, reduce residual wasted food, so it can be used as a pellet binder to improve the quality of pellets. The molasses cane drops are usually sold per jerry can at a price of around Rp. 10 thousand.

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