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Benefits of Toothpaste

Benefits of Toothpaste

Toothpaste often we call it toothpaste. Surely everyone knows the name toothpaste, but most people only use it as a tooth cleaner.

It turns out that toothpaste or toothpaste is not only useful for cleaning teeth, we can get various benefits of toothpaste.

Here are 4 benefits of toothpaste:

1. Clear glass Frosted glass

can be clean and clear with toothpaste. The trick is to apply toothpaste to the glass and then spread it using a soft cloth and rinse using clean water until it is completely clean. That way the glass will be clear and clean.

2. Reducing itching on the skin

By applying toothpaste to the skin that is mild itching will eliminate itching. Remember, itching that can be removed with toothpaste is an itch that is not accompanied by a wound. If it is itchy, do not use toothpaste, because it will cause irritation.

3. Clean the nails

By applying toothpaste on the nails that look dull, then cleaning it clean will make the appearance of his hands become attractive because the nails are beautiful and clean.

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