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get money from the tour and travel business

get money from the tour and travel business

the potential of the tour and travel business is still lasting to this day. many tourists who want to spend a day outside the city / abroad are still booming. make this business more mushrooming. and opening this business can be said to be minimal. It is estimated that you only need around 15 million.
if you are interested in the tour and travel business you should learn the ins and outs of this business. in this business too many partnerships to choose from. of course you want to take what position. both agents, sub agents, or representatives. of course with different costs. You can choose by opening an outlet or not. however, if your capital is limited, it is estimated that opening this business requires a minimum capital of 15 million.
The following details:
one computer unit (Rp 1.5 million)

internet modem (Rp. 400,000)

dotmatrik printer (Rp. 350,000)

table and chairs (Rp. 250,000)

registration (Rp. 2,500,000)

initial deposit (Rp. 1,000,000)

rent space (IDR 10,000,000)

total initial capital of Rp. 15,900,000


use standard computers whose specifications meet the requirements for internet access. Internet


use good quality portable mode or use modems for internet networks via cable. this better modem and network are needed. to speed up this internet connection. this is to prevent ticket booking delays. if a deal has been made with a consumer.


using dotmatrik type, in addition to more efficient (without ink) can also print proof of payment receipt paper that uses copies.

registration fee

used for administrative costs of registration of printed banners / bills, receipt papers and stickers of airline logos, hotels and other company logos covered by the agent must

be remembered this initial capital is only an assumption that will be adjusted to real conditions in the field. However if you are going to pioneer This business is independent (without partnership), of course capital will be smaller. but your struggle will be more tested in terms of establishing a cooperative relationship with the airline and the hotel in the tourist destination. also you need the trust of your consumers.

for information, from the airlines, generally you only get 2-5% commission + incentives from official agents. As a picture of turnover, from 1 ticket sold for Rp. 1 million, you only get Rp. 50 thousand. if your turnover reaches 300 million in a month then you get a profit of Rp. 10 million - Rp. 15 million
turnover from flight tickets, if you expand again into hotel ticketing, then of course the results are even greater, because the world of travel and travel coverage is very broad


You should not use black glass doors, try to be clear and can be seen from the outside. of course it would be better if you use a rolling door.

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