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Habits that can get diabetes

Diabetes or people often call diabetes is indeed a frightening specter. Launch cnnindonesia.com (10/26/18), according to Dr. Dante Saksono, an expert in internal medicine, not a single Indonesian can be free from diabetes. This is due to genetic factors.

Even so, this disease can be prevented. Namely by applying a healthy lifestyle. For example, stay away from habits that can be triggers for diabetes.

Reporting from kompas.com (10/25/18), there are some habits that you should stop if you do not want to get diabetes or diabetes.

1. chronic stress

Although it seems trivial, prolonged stress can actually trigger diabetes. This was revealed by the Diabetes Learning Center at the University of San Francisco.

The organization said that when a person is stressed, the body will respond by releasing sugar into the blood so that the body gets energy. That is why people who are often stressed are prone to high blood sugar levels which can ultimately cause diabetes.


diet Often consume high-sugar foods such as containing carbohydrates or sweet foods / drinks can cause obesity and increase the risk of diabetes. Better to eat more vegetables and fruit. Full but does not contain calories.

3. Ignoring the symptoms of pre-diabetes

According to Dr. Dante Saksono, diabetes develops from normal to diabetes through prediabetes stage which lasts about 5-10 years. That is why when you find symptoms of prediabetes, you should immediately change your lifestyle to be healthier so it does not continue to develop into diabetes.

Common prediabetes symptoms include frequent thirst, frequent urination, frequent eating. And the most common sign is Akantosis nigrikans, which is the skin that darkens on the folds and wrinkles of the body.

"The most obvious can be seen on the back of the neck. If there is a blackened line, it shows insulin can not work," said Dr. Dante.

4. Smoking

This one habit is indeed difficult to break. Especially for men. Though all efforts have been made so that people stop smoking. Including the creepy packaging (with pictures of diseases caused by smoking).

Not only lung cancer, smoking can increase the risk of diabetes. This was stated by Prof. Dr. Dr. Achmad Rudijanto, SpPD-KEMD, Chair of the Indonesian Endocrinology Association (Perkeni) in detik.com (11/15/15).

"Cigarettes have a lot of free radicals. When the body has a lot of free radicals it will cause oxidative stress reactions. As a result, the work of several organs is not optimal, including the pancreas which functions to produce insulin," he said.