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List of Countries with the Most Palm Oil Production

List of Countries with the Most Palm Oil Production

In Indonesia, palm oil has become one of the leading commodities for export abroad. So as soon as news emerged that the prohibition of these plantation commodities entered European Union countries, the Indonesian Government was very angry.

As never before, the European Union stated its attitude by banning Indonesian palm oil from entering its member countries. This decision was taken after the European Parliament (European Parliament) voted.

The results of the voting took the form of a decision that Indonesian oil palm could no longer be used as a biodiesel mixture in EU countries. You see, oil from Indonesia is a source of environmental damage.

It's only natural that Indonesia does not accept the European Parliament's decision. Because the volume of palm oil exports to European countries is fairly large.

In 2017, BPS recorded that Indonesia's export volume of crude palm oil or CPO reached 1.34 million tons. The question is whether with such a large export volume, Indonesia is the largest palm oil producing country?

This turns out to be the largest palm oil producing countries in the world

Palm oil (Shutterstock).
It seems that Indonesia is not the only country in the world which is the largest producer of palm oil. There are still a number of other countries listed as producers of palm oil.

IndexMundi which is a portal for gathering facts and statistics from various sources noted several countries which in 2019 became the largest palm oil producing country in the world. Which countries are those? Here is the list.

State Volume palm oil (tonnes)
Indonesia 43,000,000
Malaysia 20.7 million
Thailand 3,000,000
Colombia 1.68 million
Nigeria 1.015 million
Guatemala 852,000
Ecuador 630,000
Papua New Guinea 630,000
Honduras 580,000
Brazil 540,000

From the data presented in the table above, Indonesia is the number one producer in the world with the production of 43 million tons. In second place is Malaysia with a production volume of 20.70 million tons.

Crude palm oil or CPO is the largest type of palm produced by Indonesia. This type of oil also later became a commodity whose export volume was relatively large.

Although news of the ban on entry into European countries, Indonesia also exports palm oil to many other countries. Which countries?

Countries that import palm oil from Indonesia

So far the latest data on Indonesian oil palm has only come from the Statistics of Indonesian Palm Oil in 2017 published by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). The following is a list of countries that import palm oil from Indonesia.

Countries India's palm oil import volume (tonnes) 4,627,682 Netherlands 615,548 Singapore 604,711 Italy 356,503 Spain 215,685 Malaysia 208,652 Tanzania 162,055 Germany 130,395 Kenya 118,798 Britain 21,000 Morocco 5,989 Ukraine 3,000

Denmark 2,800
Ivory Coast 2,000
Sri Lanka 880
Japan 241
China 75
Pakistan 55

Now that was the information on the world's largest palm oil producing countries.