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Easy Way to Stop Smoking

No smoking
No smoking

Smoking is an activity that is considered not good enough, in addition to harming the health of smoking, it also harms the financial condition.

Therefore, a lot of anxiety from readers who vent through messages on Facebook encouraged me to make this article.

Easy Ways to Stop Smoking

Focus with purpose

You have to focus on strengthening your determination and goals by making a list of the reasons that make you have to stop smoking, then you list the reasons on the side of your house that you often see so that you can always remember all the reasons and reasons that require you to stop smoking

Do activities

One reason to make us smoke is because we are bored or annoyed, so you have to divert your bored mind by doing various activities such as: exercising, reading books, cleaning the house and other activities so as to eliminate boredom and stress. .

Looking for a replacement

You have to find a replacement or switch from cigarettes. You can replace it with sweets or snacks to get rid of the sour taste in your mouth because of this smoking habit.

Ask for help from family and people closest to you

You can ask the help of family or people closest to remind you to try to stop smoking.

go to the doctor

If you still find it difficult to stop smoking, you can go to the doctor because today there are prescription drugs to reduce the desire to smoke and soothe the effects of nicotine addiction.
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