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How to make medicine eliminate snoring sleep habits

‌People who snore are actually bad habits, because there are some people or your roommates there must be someone who does not like to hear your snoring, there is also the fear of hearing the sound caused by sleep snoring you and therefore you should treat it .

‌Sleep snoring does not mean you sleep soundly because the common cause of snoring is usually the blockage of air in your nose or mouth.

‌Causes of sleep snoring include:

‌ Blockage of the respiratory tract Sleeping position Excess fat or overweight

‌Although you can say that snoring sleep is not realized, there are many victims because of snoring sounds, but you don't need to worry about snoring sleep because we will share recipes to make effective herbal medicines to deal with snoring sleep.

‌Namely genuine honey which has many benefits in the health sector since time immemorial

‌Honey content includes:

  1. ‌Fructose: 38.2%
  2. ‌Glucose: 31.3%
  3. ‌Maltose: 7.1%
  4. ‌Sucrose: 1.3%
  5. ‌Water: 17.2%
  6. ‌Highest sugar: 1.5%
  7. ‌Ash (chemical analysis): 0.2%
  8. ‌Other: 3.2%

‌Throughout history, honey has been used by humans to treat various types of diseases, but only a few periods of antiseptic and antibacterial originating from honey can be explained scientifically.

‌In other words, honey is very beneficial for health and makes us fit. that's why we make drugs to eliminate snoring sleep habits.

How to make medicine eliminate snoring sleep habits:

Material :

2 teaspoons of honey (if possible, original honey so it is more nutritious)
2 segments of turmeric 

How to make : 

Wash turmeric Then mash turmeric until it becomes even Then honey is mixed Next, stir until evenly distributed

How to use :

Drink in a week in a row with the rule of drinking one glass a day, do it as soon as possible, surely you will not have the habit of snoring again.