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A Guide to Choosing Wood Materials for Construction and Home Furniture and Its Care

Kistang - Before installing wood materials on the construction and furniture of your home. Check out the guide to choosing the right wood and its care in this article.

A Guide to Choosing Wood Materials for Construction and Home Furniture and Its Care
A Guide to Choosing Wood Materials for Construction and Home Furniture and Its Care

Wood is one of the most common materials used in building houses, especially as a material for making furniture. Starting from beds, cabinets, dining tables, chairs and many other types of furniture using wood as the material. Indeed, this material is in great demand because it is durable and gives a natural impression.

Generally, the wood material that is often used is solid wood raw material. Each wood has its own characteristics. Wood treatment should also be adjusted to the type and characteristics of the material.

So that you get the quality of wood and the price according to the desired budget, it's a good idea to know the various types of wood materials and their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some important things about wood materials that will be discussed in this article:

Getting to Know Natural Wood Materials

Wood is a natural material that can add warmth to any area of your home. In addition to being a material for various kinds of furniture, wood is also often used for house construction. Wood material can not only be used as a house frame, but also window bars, frames, glass supports, and other construction parts.

Wood is a versatile organic material, and the only renewable construction material. Wood itself has certain structural properties that make it durable and long lasting. With proper care, wood can be a construction material with a long service life.

Choosing the Right Wood Material for Long-Term Home Comfort

When you want to build a house, of course, you have to choose the best construction material to use. One of them is wood material, you can find various types of quality wood in Indonesia that can be used as house construction materials.

In addition to choosing wood for the frame of the house and furniture, you also have to look for the right type if you want to build a house with a wood theme. Before choosing wood material, you must have sufficient knowledge. Choosing the right and quality wood material will affect the durability and durability of the wood. This is due to the characteristics of each type of wood that has different uses and resistance.

You must understand the characteristics of the wood to be chosen, for example teak. Suitable or not for cabinets, tables, doors and roofs. Knowing the characteristics of wood also makes it easier for you in the maintenance process.

Types of Wood Materials for House Construction

Teak Wood Material

Teak wood is famous for its long-lasting quality. Teak wood has long been known as superior quality wood. This type of wood has many advantages, including very strong, durable to use for many years, durable, also resistant to fungi, termites, weather and even water.

In addition, teak wood also excels in the look because it has a very beautiful and attractive fiber pattern and stroke. The oil content in teak wood is very high so it gives high strength when used as furniture. Therefore, it is not wrong if the price of teak wood is very high.

Teak wood is widely used into all kinds of furniture such as cabinets, tables, chairs, and many others. The effect caused by wooden furniture is luxurious, magnificent, and stylish.

Merbau Wood Material

Merbau wood is often used in home furnishings. In the furniture industry, merbau wood is widely used as a material to make furniture such as cabinets, beds, tables, chairs, and others. Although the level of strength is still below teak wood, merbau wood has a fairly high hardness level. So that the resistance to weather and insects is very capable.

The resistance of merbau wood to fungal and weather attacks is also very high. So you do not need to worry about wooden furniture that you are attacked by pests. In addition, merbau wood also has a low crack rate and depreciation rate.

In terms of appearance, merbau wood has a look that is no less interesting. This wood has a varied color display, which includes gray brownish, brownish yellow, even reddish brown. Merbau wood has a rough texture but feels slippery and smooth if tasted. Wood fiber is generally straight, but not infrequently found the direction of wood fiber is irregular.

In terms of price, merbau wood is only a little adrift under teak wood. But its strength and good appearance are not inferior to teak wood. It is not wrong if many people who glance at merbau wood as an alternative material to make furniture.

Sonokeling Wood Material

Sonokeling wood is a type of tropical wood and belongs to a luxurious type of wood material. This is because this wood has many advantages, among others, it has a very good level of durability.

This wood is resistant to pest attacks such as termites and fungi because it has natural midges sap. It is also resistant to temperature changes. One of the things that make sonokeling wood considered luxurious is the color and texture of sonokeling wood that is beautiful, beautiful, as well as elegant.

The color of this wood is blackish brown and sometimes has a dark brown pattern with a dark brown color. Its natural color is very beautiful making it suitable as a furniture material without polished additional paint.

Mahogany Materials Indeed mahogany wood is not as strong and as strong as the two types of wood above. This type of wood is more susceptible to termites, also easily affected by weather and rainy conditions. Because of its characteristics, this type of wood is more suitable to be used for indoor furniture.

In terms of appearance, mahogany is very beautiful and beautiful. This wood is brownish red and if it is very old about 20 years and above, the color of mahogany will turn deep red or red heart.

The texture and surface of mahogany also looks very beautiful. The fiber looks straight, solid, and integrated. So that mahogany wood material is very suitable if it is finished with natural colors because the natural color and fiber is good. Because of its diverse fiber, mahogany wood is often used as a furniture material, especially jepara.

In terms of price, mahogany is relatively more affordable so many are chosen to be an alternative material for furniture making. Furniture that often uses mahogany, among others, cabinets, television tables, work tables, and so on.

Pine Wood Material

Pine wood or also known by the name of Dutch teak wood is a type of wood that is much in demand to be used as raw material furniture. The texture is very smooth with bright colors making pine wood suitable as minimalist style furniture. Besides being easy to get, the price of pine wood is also very affordable so it is more cost-effective.

Reporting from Orangeries UK, pine wood has a deficiency in terms of strength and durability, pine wood is not as strong as the wood above and is easily damaged. Characteristics of this wood is very soft, light and easy to form into its advantages. Resistance to changes in temperature and humidity tends to be low. Pine wood is also susceptible to mold and easily weathered.

Even so, this wood began to become an idol among furniture makers as the demand for furniture made from pine wood began to increase. This is in line with the growing trend of home design and furniture with a minimalist concept.

How to Care for Furniture with Wood Materials

Furniture made from bayu should be treated periodically. For types of wood that already have high enough strength and strong durability does not require much special care. But for types of wood that are susceptible to mold, termites, and damp requires special care.

Home Floor Treatment of Wood Materials

Over time, dust will gather on the surface of your wooden floor, if left unchecked it will be increasingly difficult to clean. The step that must be done is to sweep and mop your wooden floor every day, of course, by using a fine fur broom and microfiber mop. You don't want your floor scratched, do you?

Sunlight and excessive heat can also damage your wooden floors. You can install curtains on windows or use carpets to cover exposed areas. Avoid also mopping wood floors with a wet cloth and also do not use chemical liquids to clean them.

For long-term care you can re-coat your wood floor surface with a protective coat every 3 to 5 years.

Home Furniture Treatment from Wood Materials

How to take care of wood furniture the most important is to maintain the condition of the room in a normal temperature. Because although wood has high resistance to temperature, humid conditions become an ideal space for termites to breed. It is not impossible that your favorite furniture will also be attacked by termite forces.

Therefore it's a good thing to put wooden furniture in a dry place. If exposed to water, try to clean it as soon as possible so as not to cause patches of water marks on furniture. Furthermore, when cleaning furniture from teak wood, use a kemoceng or wipe a dry clean cloth. Never add detergents or other chemicals because it will damage the layer and texture of the wood.

If forced to wash, use dish soap or baby soap that is softer then immediately dry it when finished. Try to avoid scratches on the surface of the wood. How to use a tablecloth or provide padding on the surface of the chair. And keep in mind when moving furniture should be lifted instead of shifted to avoid blisters or berets.

Restoring or Refinishing Wood Materials

Even if you have taken good care of your wooden furniture, you still need to provide extra care approximately once every 10 years. For this you can use the services of professionals who are experts in the field of wood. The process of restoring does take a lot of time and costs that are not cheap, but this needs to be done to maintain your comfort.

Using the services of a professional can help you to find out if your wood material is in good condition or not. If something cracks or holes, they have their own way of making your floor look new again.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Wood Materials

Wood materials have advantages and disadvantages to their use. Some of the advantages are that wood tends to be durable and durable. In the process is also relatively easy because it can be made various forms. Wood materials themselves are also easy to get at a relatively cheap price. There are types of wood that have a beautiful texture that adds aesthetic value.

This material also has deficiencies such as being vulnerable to climate change and damage can occur in moisture that is too high. Sometimes there are congenital defects in the wood such as cracked and wooden eyes. The most common thing that happens is susceptible to termites and fungi. So it requires extra care, especially when using wood as a material on the floor and furniture.

Wood materials are indeed a favorite for furniture materials in your home. Your home will also look attractive with the addition of beautiful furniture. Although the treatment is not easy, this is not a problem for you to like the charm of wood materials. In addition, the characteristics of wood can be combined with many home interiors, such as classic, modern, rustic, to Scandinavian. This makes the wood material timeless, with proper care can also last long-term. Are you interested in using wood as a material?

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