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Advantages of wood material

Kistang - Wood is one of the materials that nature provides for us both for the manufacture of buildings, furniture, property, musical instruments and even household furniture needed for humans.

Advantages of wood material
Advantages of wood material

In addition, plants that produce wood stems as material also provide benefits in the form of fruit and mainly produce oxygen which is needed for other living things so that the existence of these plants is very important for the integrity of the world and the living things in it.

Advantages of Wood Materials

As for the need for wood materials, it has various benefits and uses that are superior to other materials, which we have summarized from various sources where you can see the points as follows:

1. Easy to shape

Wood is one of the basic materials that is easily processed into various forms so that in the manufacture of furniture, property, frames, musical instruments and household furniture, it is not too difficult to use this one material unlike other materials such as glass, iron / metal. , and which stone in making it requires qualified skills and a lot of energy.

Because the soft and flexible texture of wood makes it easy for us to process it, it is different if we use metal or glass and stone, so it is not surprising that many companies or carving artists choose wood as their material.

2. The quality of the wood can be seen visually

Another thing that is an advantage of wood is that the quality of the material can be known by just looking at it, there is no need to use various tools which in use are very difficult to use.

By looking at the fiber, texture and even the appearance of the wood, we can see the quality and durability of the wood is different if you use metal which you need test equipment such as a hardness tester to determine the strength of the metal's hardness.

3. Wood is one of the most durable materials

Wood is one of the materials that is well known for its durability, especially some wood such as Ulin wood, teak, Sungkai and other quality wood.

Which is resistant to quality wood that can last up to hundreds of years so it is hard as a stone like Ulin wood and coca which gets older it can turn into stone and it looks very beautiful.

4. Has a beautiful texture of the material

The main strength of many people choosing their basic material using wood is the appearance of the wood grain which is beautiful to the eye as I mentioned in the third point above.

The smooth wood texture and beautiful and beautiful wood grain patterns make everyone tempted to buy it, it's very different if you use other types of materials such as iron or plastic which looks monotonous and less attractive when compared to wood-based materials.

5. The weight of the material is quite light

For its own weight, wood is not too heavy as iron (metal) as well as glass and other materials that have a very high specific gravity so that the transfer process is quite difficult and requires extra energy (more energy) in the processing and transfer process.

6. Nothing is thrown away

Wood is one of the materials that is not disposed of, in other words, the waste fragments can still be processed and made into some useful things and have economic value, such as wood scraps that can still be used as charcoal and burning ashes which have economic value.

In addition, sawdust produced by wood can still be used as pulp, the basic material for making paper and various other things that we can make from wood waste.

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