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Disadvantages and advantages of kruing wood

Kistang - kruing wood is one of the most familiar carpentry wood to be used as furniture or buildings in the area of ​​​​the island of Java in particular.

Disadvantages and advantages of kruing wood
Disadvantages and advantages of kruing wood

The kruing plant itself is included in the group of Dipterocapaceae plant species which are widespread in the tropical region of Asia, more specifically in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, where the kruing tree can thrive on Indonesian islands such as Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua and others.

The kruing tree usually grows on the ground 1500 meters above sea level, the kruing tree can grow up to 65 meters from the ground with a straight trunk without branches, while the diameter of the kruing tree can reach 2 meters.

Utilization of kruing wood plants

The kruing plant is one of the plants that is rich in benefits which we can make a variety of products not only for building materials and furniture, therefore we have summarized it from various sources as follows:

1. Processed into building materials and furniture

The common thing that is used from the kruing tree is the trunk, which when it is old enough we can cut it down to make wood processing such as making furniture, frames, building poles, paper, plywood and others.

For the quality of kruing wood, it is also quite good which is one of the durable wood levels 2 - 3, no wonder kruing wood is often exported abroad to compete with Meranti wood.

2. The kruing plant produces oil and resin

In addition to the logs, we can process them into various kinds of household furniture, the kruing plant also produces various processed products that are beneficial to humans, namely in the form of kruing tree oil and resin from the sap of the kruing tree.

Several types of kruing plant produce kruing oil (lagan oil) which is commonly used by our society to caulk boats and is used to treat various skin diseases, especially to treat wounds.

One type of kruing tree that produces resinous sap is often called by our society the damar tree where every wound from the kruing tree (damar) produces resinous sap which has high economic value which can be an additional income for farmers.

Plus minus kruing wood

Kruing wood is the same as wood types from other plants which have advantages and disadvantages as well which we have summarized as follows:

Advantages of kruing wood

Kruing wood as a class of durable 2-3 grade wood certainly has advantages and attractiveness for its own consumers, which you can see the various points below:

1. Anti-termite and mildew

Kruing wood is one of the woods that is resistant to termite and fungal attacks, this is due to the kruing plant which produces natural oils and resins that are hated by insects.

This also makes it difficult or difficult for mold on kruing wood to grow on the wood surface.

2. Included in durable wood

For the level of durability of kruing wood, it is well known, where this plant is included in one of the durable wood level 2-3, it is quite strong and durable even though it is still below teak wood.

3. Kruing wood is a strong wood

Kruing wood is a type of hard wood so there is no need to doubt its strength and sturdiness, even more so if you connect parts of the building by screwing with bolts and glued.

4. Can be used for indoor and outdoor

You can use furniture or buildings made of kruing wood for outdoor or indoor because kruing wood contains natural resins that prevent it from being attacked by fungi and termites.

Lack of kruing wood

Of the advantages above kruing wood also can not be separated from the disadvantages which are as follows:

Difficult to work on

For processing kruing wood so that it can become furniture such as chairs, cabinets, tables and others, it is quite difficult when we compare it to processing teak and mahogany.

So that wood processing techniques are needed that are quite qualified for the workers.

Not as durable as teak

Although kruing wood is included in the ranks of durable wood, you also don't think too much because kruing wood is not as durable as teak wood.

So in its treatment it needs more attention from you as users.

That's our discussion about kruing wood, hopefully it will be useful for you if you are and thank you for visiting our blog

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