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Pine wood advantages and disadvantages

Kistang - The tusam tree or better known as the pine tree and in some areas there are also those who call the Dutch teak tree while the pine wood that is often used for making furniture is pine wood of the merkusii and radiata species that thrives in the mountains of Sumatra.

Pine wood advantages and disadvantages
Pine wood advantages and disadvantages

Pine wood is one of the woods that is often used in the manufacture of furniture such as cabinets, chairs, tables and other furniture.

Not infrequently, this pine wood is used as the basic material for making packaging for export and import goods, because pine wood is easy to shape due to its soft and soft texture.

According to rumors circulating in the market this pine wood is easy to recycle because the wood is softer than other woods for making furniture.

From the information above, you definitely want to know more about this pine wood, therefore we have summarized from various sources to explore more deeply about the advantages and disadvantages of this pine tree, we will immediately peel it off together.

Pine wood advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of pine wood

  1. Fast pine wood in drying only takes approximately 2 weeks to reach the MC level of 12%.
  2. Pine wood has a bright color, you can be sure you will fall in love with the bright and beautiful color of the wood grain.
  3. Pine wood also has a strong resistance which makes it durable and long lasting, although Pine wood has a stiff and light texture, its strength cannot be underestimated, although it is not as strong as teak or oak wood, but it is quite strong
  4. Pine wood has a weight that is arguably lighter than teak and other woods, making it easier for us to move if we want to decorate the room. Pine wood is easy to paint because its bright color makes it easier for us to paint.
  5. Pine wood is one of the woods that is resistant to shocks due to its soft and light texture but strong against pressure, which is very suitable for earthquake-resistant buildings.
  6. Pine wood harvest time is faster because of its relatively fast growth, so we can continue to earn money from the sale and also not afraid to run out of stock because planting is easy and fast.

Disadvantages of Pine wood

  • Although this wood is durable, this pine wood is easily scratched and warped, so if you choose a strong wood in the sense that it is not easily scratched and curved, pine wood cannot be your choice.
  • Pine wood also has many knots, so we have to be more careful in choosing it because it affects the strength of the wood we make furniture

Pine Wood Price

For the current market price, Pine logs per cubic meter with a diameter of 30 cm are worth 1 million to 2 million rupiah.
That's the results of our research from various trusted sources Hopefully useful and always successful

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