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What is solid wood? Let's peel together

Kistang - Solid wood, this word we often hear in some people when we want to make furniture or frames, we are often offered a choice of basic materials for making it using solid wood.

What is solid wood? Let's peel together
What is solid wood? Let's peel together

Solid wood itself is processed from pure wood in the form of blocks or boards as we know that solid wood comes from two different languages, namely the words wood and solid.

What we know is that the word solid itself comes from English which means solid and wood is taken from Indonesian.

So in a simple sense solid wood is solid wood, which can be in the form of wooden blocks or wooden boards with the density of pure wood without much processing (Natural) and 100% pure wood unlike plywood, praticel boards and others.

So that in the use of the wood in its entirety without a mixture of other materials such as resin, lam, and others, even though the beam connection technique is connected using wood connection techniques such as finger joints, laminates, and other connecting constructions that still use wood to connect them, it is still called solid wood.

So that it can be ascertained that the hardness and resistance are purely derived from the wood that is processed into solid wood, so it is not surprising that the price is slightly more expensive than processed wood such as plywood and particle board.

What is certain is that solid wood is water resistant if processed with wood preservation techniques, wood drying and several other wood techniques will make solid wood very strong and durable compared to mixed wood.

Meanwhile, for its utilization, such as other processed wood, it can be used as furniture, boats, cabinets, chairs and various other wood products.

Meanwhile, to make it you can use solid or hard wood such as mango wood, teak wood, Sungkai wood, and other woods that have good density and hardness.

The price itself actually depends on the type of wood and the number of your orders, but for quality and satisfaction it is guaranteed that solid wood is superior to other wood. More or less that is what we call solid wood, this information we get from various sources and experience, if you want to add can comment below.

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