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The characteristics of quality rafters for building materials

Kistang - Wood has been one of the most popular building materials since ancient times. Although currently there are many substitutes for rafters such as galvalume and others. However, wooden rafters are still a favorite of many people. Wood has flexible properties and is easy to process, which makes it still used by many people.

The characteristics of quality rafters for building materials
The characteristics of quality rafters for building materials

This wood itself is wood that is usually used in the building construction process, namely as a ceiling support and base frame that helps strengthen the casting process. Various types of wood are used. Most people prefer to use a type of wood that has good strength.

Such as meranti wood, camphor, teak, and borneo. There are two kinds of sizes that can be found in the market, namely the size of 4 cm x 6 cm and the size of 5 cm x 7 cm with a wood length of 4 meters. The following are the characteristics of quality rafters.

Characteristics of good and quality rafters

sometimes we are often confused about choosing rafters made of wood because we don't know the shape of the wood that is suitable to be made into rafters, therefore we will share a little knowledge about quality rafters which are as follows:

Have Good Endurance

The characteristics of wood that are suitable for use are that they have good durability. Wood that has good durability will last longer. And not easily attacked by diseases, such as termites and fungi. It would be even better if it was weather-resistant and not easily weathered by water or humid air. It is best to choose a type of wood that does not absorb more than 12 percent of its weight in water when placed in water.

Have Good Strength

The characteristics of good and quality rafters must have good strength to support the ceiling of the house. So make sure to choose a type of wood that is strong and sturdy.

The Hardness of Wood is Quite High

The next characteristic of good and quality wood is that it has a fairly high level of hardness. The level of wood hardness usually depends on the type of wood and the density of the wood.

Shock Resistant

Next, choose a type of wood that has good resistance to sudden shocks or vibrations. Like during an earthquake. To anticipate this, you should use wood that has good damping power against shocks or vibrations. Wood rafters are also a type of wood that is shockproof so it is recommended to be chosen.

Wood Weight Must Be Appropriate

Quality wood and has good strength. It must be very high density so that the weight is quite heavy. However, among all types of strong wood, choose the one with the lightest weight.

Easy to Form and Process

You will definitely find it difficult to use a type of wood that is difficult to nail, screw, and saw. Therefore, you should use a type of wood that is easy to shape and process, such as rafters. So that the process does not require extra energy and time.

Not Easy to Change Shape

The last characteristic of wood is the type of wood that is not easily deformed. Wood that is easy to shrink and expand is not suitable for use. That's because it is used as a ceiling frame that is easily exposed to the sun's heat and rainwater seepage

Several types of wood are suitable for rafters, namely teak, merbau, bengkirai, and camphor. The price of teak wood is quite expensive. But behind it all, teak is a type of wood that is very suitable for use as rafters for buildings.

Teak wood has the characteristics of being strong, durable, and stable (not easy to expand). However, as an alternative, you can also use other types of wood, such as camphor, merbau, and bengkirai. Hopefully the above discussion can help determine the right type of wood for your home construction material.
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