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Characteristics of Suren Wood and its Strengths and Weaknesses

Kistang - Suren wood is obtained from the Surian tree that grows in several areas in Indonesia. Among them, Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. Surian tree is one of the plants that is easy to grow in tropical climates. This tree usually thrives in highlands with temperatures around 22 degrees Celsius. In some other countries Surian tree has its own nickname. In Malaysia it is called Surian Wangi, in the Philippines it is called ye tama, in Myanmar it is called limpaga.

Characteristics of Suren Wood and its Strengths and Weaknesses
Characteristics of Suren Wood and its Strengths and Weaknesses

Including trees that grow quickly and have very dense leaves. The shape of the leaves is like an elongated oval with tapering at the ends. Surian tree has an upright tree trunk with a height of up to 60 meters. As for the size of the trunk diameter can reach 1 to 3 meters.

The surface of the tree trunk is very rough when touched because the bark is cracked. Thus forming irregular vertical lines. Surian tree bark produces a fragrant smell resembling the smell of sandalwood. To find out more about suren wood, see the following discussion.

Characteristics of Suren WoodWood

Surian trees can only be harvested when they are about 12 years old. The harvest period is relatively short compared to other types of large trees. This advantage makes it widely cultivated by wood farmers.

The most obvious characteristic of suren wood is the color of the wood. When first harvested, the wood of suren is whitish in color. Then after some time the color of the wood changes to a very beautiful red color. The texture of the wood grain is straight, elongated and somewhat tenuous.

So that when finishing the surface of this wood feels very smooth. The sapwood in this wood is pink with a brownish core. It is relatively light in weight but has good strength.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Suren Wood

1. Resistant to Attack Wood Pests and Diseases

According to a study, suren wood or tree contains surenon, surenin, and surenolactone. These three ingredients have a role as an insect growth inhibitor and also an antifeedant (inhibits eating power). Even the Surian tree is deliberately planted among the albasia trees to repel pests. That's because albasia trees are susceptible to pests, especially teter.

So the content above is proven to repel insects. Like termites, tethers, even mosquitoes. So this wood can last longer because it is not easily weathered by disease.

2. Classified as Strong Wood

This wood is a type of wood that is quite strong. So it is widely used as a building construction material. Usually this wood is used as a material for making home interiors, furniture, decoration panels, to handicrafts.

3. Easy to Process for Various Needs

This wood is very easy to saw, making it easier for the felling process and the utilization process. So do not be surprised if the wood from the Surian tree is widely cultivated and used for various purposes.

4. Skin and Roots Used for Traditional Medicine

Some parts of the Surian tree including the bark and roots of the tree are used to make traditional medicinal herbs. A decoction of the bark and roots of the Surian tree is believed to treat diarrheal diseases. In addition, the skin and fruit can be used as ingredients for making essential oils. Not only that, the skin and roots are used as ingredients for making diarrhea drugs.

5. Leaf Extract Can be used as antibiotics and bioinsecticides

In addition to the wood, the leaves of the Surian tree are also used as antibiotics and bioinsecticides. The leaves are allegedly able to help repel insect pests on plants

6. The leaves cannot be used for animal feed

The disadvantage of this plant is in its leaves because it cannot be used as fodder for livestock. That's because it can make the animal experience a hangover when consuming the leaves.

That's information about suren wood which has many advantages and benefits. Hopefully the above information can add to your insight and knowledge about wood surian or suren.

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