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The Benefits of Wooden Lath for Buildings and Its Types

Kistang - In building buildings and houses, there are many components that make it up. In addition to the foundation as the root of the building, the roof of the house is also an important part. In compiling the roof, several materials are needed. One of them is a wooden batten that supports the roof covering.

The Benefits of Wooden Lath for Buildings and Its Types
The Benefits of Wooden Lath for Buildings and Its Types

The types of this material are also very diverse, usually the good ones are made of quality wood. Such as camphor wood, ironwood, bangkirai wood, and merbau wood. It would be even better if you use a waterproof type of wood. So that the battens are not easily weathered when exposed to water seepage.

Benefits of Using Wooden Lath

Actually the benefits of wood battens are not so much but have very important uses. Here are some of these benefits:

The batten is useful for supporting the roof covering, namely the tile.
The batten section is useful as a connection to the rafters or rafters.
Reng is useful for strengthening the roof of the house.

Wooden battens are usually only used for tile type roofs. For types of roofs such as asbestos and zinc do not use it. In the installation process, the battens must be properly installed and measured according to the size of the tile.

Not only battens, the roof truss consists of several elements, namely trusses, ridges, curtains, rafters or rafters, battens, and roof coverings. The truss serves as the main support that accepts all the pressure on the roof truss and is attached directly to the body of the building.

The ridge or beam is a structure that connects the horses to one another. Gording is the main beam that serves to hold the structure above it. The rafters or rafters have a function as a recipient of the load from the battens and roof coverings which are forwarded to the gording.

Sturdy Type of Wooden Lath

In choosing a good batten to support the roof covering, you must choose a type of batten made of strong and sturdy wood. Here are some good types of battens:

1. Types of Teak Wood

There is no need to doubt the quality of teak wood because this wood has very good strength and resistance. But rarely people use this type of wood because it is considered too expensive. Usually people prefer to use other types of wood as an alternative.

2. Types of Camphor Wood

Camphor wood is famous for its distinctive aroma, this aroma makes this wood less susceptible to disease. This type of batten is often found in the market and the price is quite affordable and not as expensive as teak.

3. Types of Bangkirai Wood

Bengkirai wood is a type of local wood which is of good quality. Besides being used for battens, bangkirai wood is usually also used for furniture and other building construction parts.

4. Types of Coconut Wood (Glugu)

Coconut wood or known as glugu wood in Javanese society is a type of wood that is strong and sturdy. So do not be surprised if it is often used in heavy construction. Types of battens from coconut wood are easy to find in building stores and the price is also affordable.

5. Types of Meranti Wood

The type of batten from meranti wood is the most commonly used because it is cheap and easy to obtain. However, meranti wood needs special treatment to make it more durable, namely by giving anti-disease drugs.

That's the discussion about wooden battens that you have seen. In determining the right type of batten for the roof of the house, you can choose several options above. Hopefully useful and can add to your information about wooden battens, hopefully it will be useful and thank you for visiting our blog.

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