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Baby dogecoin token shit that will make you a millionaire

Navigasi - Meme tokens have recently become a topic of discussion because in the past 2 years many people have become rich suddenly from investing in cryptocoin memes, namely Doge coin and Shiba Inu which were popular in 2020 for Dogecoin and in 2021 for Shiba Inu.

Where the increase in price is up to millions of percent from its initial price, it also causes many people to invest in micin coins or meme coins. One of the cryptocoins that is currently getting attention this year, 2022 is baby dogecoin.

Because there are many rumors that baby dogecoin will be listed on the binance marketplace because at the end of last year binance tweeted on their Twitter about a puppy holding a suitcase with the words binance written on it.

In addition, this is reinforced by CZ's statement as the owner of binance itself that whatever token is widely used, even though he himself does not understand it, he will list it on the binance marketplace.

As we know that only holders of baby Dogecoin tokens have reached more than 1.3 million holders and their usage exceeds Shiba Inu as its predecessor, which when 300 thousand holders were listed on Binance which made it millions of times its initial price so that it became 1 Rupiah.

per token which makes it one of the legendary token micin. Will baby dogecoin become one of the meme tokens or will the micin token become a legend because of the potential to do the same thing as the shiba inu.

In terms of the baby dogecoin project, it is very good, plus the consistency of the baby dogecoin developers in carrying out their projects is always right on promise plus the holders or baby dogecoin army are quite solid making it very possible to match or even beat the shiba inu.

Everything can happen in the cryptocoin world, you can earn millions of times in a short time and you can also become ashes in a short time so you have to manually research to invest in cryptocoins.