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bengkirai wood vs teak wood

Navigasi - Indonesia is blessed with a natural environment that is so fertile. Various plants live here. We usually use it for various purposes. Especially for the stems of these plants are often used as raw materials for constructing buildings and making household furniture. Actually there are many types of native Indonesian building wood. But this time we will only discuss two of them, namely bengkirai wood and teak wood.

bengkirai wood vs teak wood
bengkirai wood vs teak wood

Bengkirai trees and teak trees are trees that naturally grow in the Indonesian wilderness. The bengkirai tree usually grows on the islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra. While the most teak trees grow on the island of Java. Although now widely cultivated on other islands. Teak wood and bengkirai wood are two of the many woods that have a strong and sturdy structure. So don't be surprised if then these two woods are very popular with the community.

bengkirai tree

Before we discuss the comparison between bengkirai wood and teak wood, let's first get to know more about this bengkirai tree and teak tree first!

The following are the characteristics of bengkirai wood, including:

  1. The fibers in bengkirai wood have a strong bond
  2. Bengkirai wood grain tends to open and twist
  3. Bengkirai wood has a high level of hardness
  4. Bengkirai wood is suitable for outdoor construction
  5. Bengkirai wood is not suitable for construction that requires high stability
  6. Bengkirai wood breaks easily because of its hard structure
  7. The color of the bengkirai wood is brownish yellow

Teak tree

Teak trees usually thrive in soils that tend to be dry and contain lime. So do not be surprised if this plant is found on the island of Java. Teak tree is one of the producers of the best quality wood in the world. This is inseparable from its strength which is indeed very good. In addition, teak wood also has a very beautiful fiber. The quality of teak wood is generally determined by the origin, size, and criteria for the tolerance of wood quality limits. For example, healthy eyes, dead eyes, doreng, and white patches.

The characteristics of teak include:

  • Teak wood has a strong and sturdy structure
  • The texture of teak wood is also fairly hard
  • Teak wood has a very beautiful fiber
  • brow
  • Teak wood contains natural oils that can strengthen it
  • The color of teak wood is reddish brown
  • Teak wood is suitable for any job


If we compare bengkirai wood and teak wood, then teak is still superior to bengkirai wood in almost all aspects. Bengkirai wood is only able to equate its quality with teak in terms of its level of hardness. Teak wood is very hard. But you have to be careful when working with bengkirai wood because this wood is quite easy to break.

Meanwhile, according to its strength and sturdiness, teak wood is still much better because its quality is similar to ironwood. Likewise for its beauty, teak wood has clear and firm fibers that make it look very beautiful. Another plus is that teak wood contains natural oils that make it stronger over time.