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Know What is a Crypto Airdrop

Navigasi - In the crypto world, various terms often appear that are not known to many people. Generally, these terms are only understood by crypto investors who have been in the industry for a long time. One of the terms that often comes up is crypto airdrop.

Know What is a Crypto Airdrop
Know What is a Crypto Airdrop

Reporting from the official Zipmex website, Wednesday (30/3/2022), crypto airdrops are the giving of crypto assets to some people or communities that are given for free. In the process, the shared crypto assets will be sent directly to the recipient's wallet.

Because Airdrops are given free of charge, they are usually used for promotional activities in marketing. Airdrops are usually carried out to increase public awareness of a new crypto asset product.

In addition, Airdrops can also be used to increase trading volume on the exchange platform when it first launches to the exchange (ICO). This can later, grow attention to these crypto assets.

Even though the Airdrop is given for free, sometimes some token developers will provide various tasks for Airdrop seekers. Later those who successfully complete the task, will get a reward in the form of the Airdrop.

This airdrop does not only occur in the crypto world, in the world of other digital assets such as NFT, some developers often provide Airdrops in the form of NFT to NFT collectors.

Even so, often these Airdrop activities are carried out by irresponsible parties and are used to deceive others.

Generally, some of the frauds carried out under the guise of this Airdrop are in the form of data theft crimes, private key theft, and referral fraud.