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Knowing the Sundries of Balsa Wood which is Light in Weight but Strong

Kistang - Getting to Know the Characteristics of Balsa Wood Deeper Do you have doubts about having wooden furniture or furniture because they are expensive? Currently, people are more familiar with teak wood because of its wide use. In fact, there are many other types of wood which are priced lower but have no less good strength.

Knowing the Sundries of Balsa Wood which is Light in Weight but Strong
Knowing the Sundries of Balsa Wood which is Light in Weight but Strong

One of them is balsa wood which is famous for being cheap, but has many advantages, one of which lies in its strength. Well, if you are interested in this one material, Kania will invite you to get to know balsa wood in detail through the following review!

What Is Balsa Wood?

As the name implies, this one material comes from the balsa tree. The balsa tree has many unique features, one of which is the fast growing process, which only takes about five years to grow to a height of 20 meters. Even though it comes from South Kalimantan, the balsa tree is now widely spread in a number of regions in Indonesia so that it becomes the main commodity for export to various countries.

Uses of Balsa Wood

Not only used for house construction materials such as for ceilings or frames, balsa wood is also ideally used for making household furniture. Currently, balsa wood is used as the main material for making tables, chairs, storage boxes, doorways, and even for wall panels.

Light Weight Balsa Wood

One of the most well-known advantages of balsa wood is its light weight. Balsa wood has the character of large cells and thin walls, in fact only about 40% of pieces of balsa wood are solid materials. Therefore, processing and drying balsa wood must be done properly so that its use is maximized.

Excellent Strength Balsa Wood

Although the weight of balsa wood is light, its strength can be compared to other expensive types of wood on the market. Balsa wood has excellent strength so that the processing results will be sturdy and durable. However, before using balsa wood, make sure you choose a piece with a good density, yes!

Easy Shaped Balsa Wood

Because balsa wood has a low density and light weight, this material is also very easy to shape to be used as the main material for making various types of household furniture such as the back of a dining chair. However, there is another interesting point in that balsa wood can also absorb vibrations or shocks making it easier to cut and glue.

Light Colored Balsa Wood

Another characteristic of balsa wood is its naturally light color. That way, balsa wood is perfect for making furniture for those of you who want a light colored finish. In addition, furniture from balsa wood is also very suitable to be used to complement Japanese-style or modern homes.

Balsa Wood Density

As Kania mentioned above, you have to pay attention to the density of the balsa wood. Meanwhile, the current density level of balsa wood is divided into three categories, namely:

Lightweight balsa wood weighs under 120 kg per m³ for hobby use as well as aeromodelling.
Medium balsa wood weighs 120 kg to 180 kg per m³ for industrial composite use.
Heavy balsa wood weighs over 180 kg per m³ for wider use.

Having many advantages, balsa wood is also priced at an affordable price, starting from around IDR 90,000 ( 6 $ ) per m. So, through Kania's explanation above, are you interested in using this material for your home needs? Hope it is useful!

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