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Making Crafts to Aquascape from Guava Wood

Navigasi - Not only teak, mahogany, or pine that can be used to make various types of classy decorations. The wood from fruit trees actually has the same potential. For example, wood from a guava tree. Hah? Guava? Is it true that wood like this can be used to make various interesting decorations? Check out the explanation below.

The guava tree can refer to several diverse species. Some will point to water guava, guava bol, and guava. But in English, guava which is defined as common guava refers to the guava species.

So what is really interesting about this tree? If we ask most people this question, we will most likely get the answer that it is the guava fruit that makes the species special.

Psidium guajava fruit has a delicious taste. It has a sweet taste with a slightly sour taste. The texture is also unique. In addition to the texture of the fresh fruit, we can also feel the sensation of eating the guava seeds.

This fruit can also be used as an ingredient for various other foods. One of them is for rujak, to be made into a pudding mixture, until it is made into juice.

In short, the taste of guava fruit is liked by many people. But did you know that the guava tree actually has other potential that can be utilized? The potential of the guava tree lies in the wood.

Wood? Most people would doubt this. Especially when the person concerned has seen for himself how the guava tree looks. Unlike trees whose wood is often used for furniture (such as teak or mahony), guavas generally have a thin stem.

The trees are also often not tall. Branches happen here and there. In addition, when viewed from the characteristics of the wood, guava also has no significant advantages. It is not as strong, durable, and beautiful as teak. Then how can this wood be used?