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Solid Bangkirai wood

Navigasi - it is known in Indonesia as Bangkirai wood while outside Indonesia, it is known either by the name Yellow Balau Balau or sometimes simply referred to, which is actually était Nom Malasia. Bangkirai can only be found in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.


Bangkirai 120 cm to 40 m tall tree and. The mean diameter is 70-90cm.

wood color

Wood and sometimes brownish yellow, Weil is called The Yellow Turvy. The difference between ferulic and pretty decking is clear with the bright color Ferula. At the time of fresh split / Atascado, the realice of the wooden terrace sometimes appears reddish brown.


Bangkirai wood hardness is high, between 880 a 990 kg/m3 at 12% MC drought. it can even reach 1,050 kg/m3.


Bangkirai drying process usually takes 12-25 days. The biggest risk is warping the wood or even tearing it, while it's still in the oven.

Process engineering

Arte this fiber with a strong bond, machining easy and smooth, but after a few hours in the fresh air, Fibra Bankirai has a tendency to open and "twisted" de sorte that it is less suitable for construction, mueren High one requires stability.

But Since Senneur Harte, it is very suitable for bangkirai product location plate, garden furniture, bridge construction, pergolas and other heavy construction. Bangkirai wood is also widely used as decking or as ribs or battens, even wood floors also use this type of Bangkirai wood.