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Catecoin 'Cute Cat' New Competitor to Shiba Inu and Dogecoin in Cryptocurrency Market

Navigasi - The rapid adoption of cryptocurrency from year to year has proven to be successful in presenting a variety of new coins, one of which is Catecoin (CATE) the coin meme with a cute cat logo.

Even though it only started to peddle in the cryptocurrency industry in May 2021 yesterday, the charm of this cat meme managed to grab the attention of crypto investors.

In fact, in just three months, this meme coin was able to provide investors with a return of up to 2900x, according to data reported by

The high return on investment has succeeded in helping Catecoin in attracting investors to adopt this cat meme token. The presence of Catecoin itself also offers many other profit opportunities for users.

Among them, by presenting the game platform The Rise of Cats to help users earn money with CatPay tokens.

The meme coin also offers a keep and earn program, where users will be able to get 15 percent APY (Annual Yield Percent) from cryptocurrencies stored in the Catecoin digital wallet.

Users can also get other benefits, by making transactions they can claim a bonus of 2 percent of the total transaction.

These various advantages then made Catecoin's dominance in the crypto market slowly begin to follow the position of previous meme coins, such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

Launching from the CoinMarketCap site, Friday (1/4/2022), the movement of Catecoin in the crypto market in the last seven days has continued to green with 24.70 percent and is at a price of 0.000001704 US dollars. This value is even predicted to continue to increase until the end of 2022.

Although the popularity of the coin meme with the cat logo is on the rise, investors are expected to be more careful before investing in any tokens. Given the volatility of cryptocurrencies can change quickly in just a certain time.