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Binance Cat ( BNBCAT ) Profit Potential like Shiba inu

Navigasi - Recently I found a crypto token that was just born but immediately listed on Hotbit, which is the center for buying and selling crypto coins that already have a name in the crypto community.

Binance Cat ( BNBCAT ) Profit Potential like Shiba inu
Binance Cat ( BNBCAT ) Profit Potential like Shiba inu

This is quite unique because usually the new micin coins that appear are very rare and even none are directly listed on the exchange and we can only buy them on cryptocoin swap sites  That's all and that comes with a fairly large purchase and sale tax, but it's different from this one cryptocoin token, namely Binance cat ( BNBCAT  ). 

The BNBCAT crypto coin is fairly new, which is less than a month old. As of this article, it was made in the month of May 2022 with a relatively small total supply of only 10 billion tokens only the coin supply is less if we compare with this shiba. 

Besides that, the bnbcat token has a pretty cute token image which is a cute kitten currently holding the Binance coin just like the blockchain which resides on the Binance network. 

I'm quite interested in buying this crypto token because the price is still cheap at only $0.000001 dollars from the initial price of $0.0003 dollars I think this token has good prospects because lately Binance often posts cats on twitter Plus the cat won the poll when Binance polled what meme token image to list on Binance. 

Yes, I want to lose money or whatever, I only invested 5 dollars using my cold money, especially the cat, one of the animals that is a symbol of the Asian continent which is where CZ the owner of Binance comes from. 

If you are interested you can buy Binance cat ( BNBCAT ) on hotbit if you don't have an account you can register here.  

And if you want to buy tokens Binance cat ( BNBCAT ) through this wallet token code


And if you are studying the Binance cat token more clearly you can directly visit its website at

That's about what meme tokens have the potential to be like shiba inu like one of our colleagues asked in one of our groups hopefully we can work together. 

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