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What is Particle Board and its Characteristics ?

Navigasi - Particle board Often hear, but rarely do people know about the origin of this type of wood. Particle board or what is dubbed as modern plywood is a board made of wood material and composed of sawdust which is compacted through a chemical process with high temperature pressure.

This type of plywood appeared in the late 1940s, at which time plywood became a hard item to find, so this type of wood became the best alternative to replace plywood.

Then why is particle board easy to get, Ruppers? Because this type of wood uses recycled materials that are combined, for example, the remaining pieces of wood and sawdust are compressed together.

You already know, but you need more specific characteristics to find out this type of wood. Let's look at the characteristics of the following particle board.

It has a density of 650—700kg/m³. Even though it is solid, it turns out that this type of wood is light compared to other types of wood, making it easy to carry or move around.


The denser the composition, the extra energy is needed to install the drill or screw. Usually the installation is easy to disassemble. Like a large wardrobe that can be dismantled so you can store it easily when you don't need it.


In the world of paint, this type of wood is very easy to create with various colors of your choice. This type of wood can be painted or coated with extra veneer on the surface according to the desired design.


Regarding the price, this type of wood is very suitable in the pocket. The relatively cheap price makes particle board an alternative product material at an affordable price. Although cheap, the quality is maintained.


Usually used for materials with products that are in the room or in the house. This is because this type of wood is not very resistant to weather changes. But for the durability of screws or to accommodate several items, this type of wood is quite strong.


Has the advantage of a structure that is not easy to bend or deform. Its light weight also makes this type of wood easy to transport and handle for interior projects.

Usually used for furniture or room interior purposes. Usually applied in a variety of furniture such as bookshelves, tables, chairs, tv racks or others that can be disassembled so that you can disassemble them easily and store them when not needed.

The price is cheap and the quality is pretty good, making particle board an option for various interior needs.

However, particle board must have good care such as avoiding exposure to water because it can cause this type of wood to be brittle, placing items according to the particle board capacity, avoiding impact because if the hinge part on the particle board comes off it is difficult to put it back on.