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BeKind Token from Indonesia Listed on the European Crypto Exchange

Navigasi - BeKind, the first platform-based social aggregator company and blockchain technology in Indonesia, has officially listed its crypto token on the global crypto exchange from Europe, P2PB2B.

BeKind Token from Indonesia Listed on the European Crypto Exchange
BeKind Token from Indonesia Listed on the European Crypto Exchange

The BeKind crypto token, with the code BKND, can be traded since 12 July 2022 at 22.00 WIB, with the hope of having a greater impact on society through innovative and transparent charities. The BKND token is the first Indonesian BSC token that facilitates and supports innovative fundraising solutions that are more transparent and accountable, using a clean and transparent platform.

Donations through the BeKind token and platform are expected to create unlimited goodness, resulting in transparent donation distributions, faster waiting times, and clear raising reports, as recently recognized as something that is urgently needed in the world of philanthropy and donations worldwide. Indonesia.

The development of crypto assets in Indonesia has experienced significant growth recently. Based on data from the Ministry of Trade, crypto transactions experienced a sharp spike to IDR 859.4 trillion at the end of 2021 from IDR 64.9 trillion in the previous year.

Therefore, as a blockchain technology company that focuses on social innovation in the use of blockchain and crypto assets for charity, BeKind lists their crypto assets on this exchange, which consistently ranks among the top 20 percent of crypto exchanges in the world according to and

CEO and Founder of BeKind, Fajar Jasmin said, "We want to provide a means for adopters who want to trade our tokens through global crypto exchanges. The Company believes that this global crypto exchange has the ability to accommodate a large enough daily volume, so that liquidity is maintained.

"We hope that this first step can help BeKind to create an innovative, accountable and sustainable fundraising ecosystem, both in Indonesia and globally," he said.

For the record, P2PB2B is one of the leading crypto exchanges in Europe with the motto "Make it Happen". By being part of the token launched on P2PB2B, it is hoped that BeKind can continue to grow to achieve its goals and objectives in creating a transparent and innovative fundraising ecosystem through the use of blockchain and crypto technology, both in Indonesia and in other parts of the world.

This launch is BeKind's effort to continue to develop and innovate in blockchain and crypto technology, for the future of coin holders as well as various philanthropic activities around the world.

It is important that the BeKind token can be accessed on various exchanges around the world, so that it can continue to grow and become an option, not only in Indonesia.

Starting with the listing of crypto on this European exchange, BeKind launched the BKND token publicly, and, it is planned, in the near future, BeKind will list and cooperate with more global crypto exchanges.

In addition, in terms of business development, the BeKind HUB platform as part of the BKND ecosystem has many partners, both with individual creator partners such as Pinot, KLa Project, and Element Band; as well as with major institutions such as the Plan International Indonesia Foundation, and Perseroda MRT Jakarta.

Earlier, the crypto and Bitcoin (BTC) markets fell again for the fifth day in a row, and investors were starting to worry that the market may not have bottomed out, as some analysts had hoped recently. Investors are also still waiting for the release of consumer price index (CPI) data for the United States (US).

To date, there are still many negative forces driving crypto prices lower which causes fear, uncertainty and doubt for investors.

Bitcoin on Wednesday (13/7/2022) was traded in the range of USD 19,400 or the equivalent of Rp. 290.6 million. The figure fell 2.33 percent in the past day and 4.41 percent in the week.

Toroso Investments co-founder Michael Venuto said the crypto industry still lacks regulations to help raise funds for industry players.

“We lack regulation, for clarity, to help get institutional money we are dealing with due to a Fed that is no longer accommodating,” said Venuto, quoted from CoinDesk, Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

“We do deleveraging for everything and then we have a lot of trusted third parties. who have come to help and as usual, they should not be trusted,” continued Venuto.

On the other hand, traditional markets, US stocks fell. Meanwhile, Asian equity futures signaled modest gains at Wednesday's open.

Since yesterday, cryptocurrencies have been filled with bad news, including reports of the founder of Three Arrows Capital (3AC) escaping ahead of a hearing scheduled for Tuesday local time to discuss next steps in the liquidation process.

Due to the absence of the 3AC founder, it was difficult for liquidators to understand what and where the assets of the company were. As a result, US courts gave liquidators permission to issue subpoenas and claim company assets.

On the other hand, one of the good news is that the Financial Stability Board (FSB) said on Monday, July 11, 2022, it will propose “strong” global rules for cryptocurrencies this coming October, following the recent turmoil in the market which has highlighted the need for regulate the "speculative" sector.

The FSB, the regulatory body, treasury and central bank officials of the Group of 20 (G20) economies, has so far limited itself to monitoring the crypto sector, saying it poses no systemic risk.

However, the recent turmoil in the crypto market has highlighted its volatility, structural vulnerabilities, and increased links to the broader financial system.