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How to care for outdoor furniture ?

Navigasi - In order to be more durable in use, know the tips for choosing and caring for the right outdoor furniture. Considering environmental conditions and other external factors can directly affect furniture when stored and used in outdoor areas.

How to care for outdoor furniture ?
How to care for outdoor furniture ?

It takes the right selection process and extra care to keep outdoor furniture in top condition. Including when it has been used for a long time in an open environmental area.

The Importance of Choosing and Caring for Outdoor Furniture Correctly

When going to buy furniture for both indoor and outdoor needs, careful selection must be made, material, appearance, size and so on. Moreover, when you are going to make the selection of furniture for use in the outdoor area.

No less important, you must know the correct care for the furniture. Don't just choose and buy what you want but don't know how to treat it.

There are several tips for choosing outdoor furniture that you need to know. Among them are:

  • Choose outdoor furniture that suits your needs.
  • Adjust the size and shape to the location of storage and use.
  • Choose furniture materials according to your conditions and needs.
  • Choosing a long brench as outdoor furniture can be the right choice.

It's different if you include people who like to sit and relax there. This will match the making of a gazebo along with a sitting area to relax.

Also take into account the environmental conditions that will directly hit the furniture. Like when the sun is scorching hot, or when it rains with high humidity. So the selection of materials for outdoor furniture is very important to be a concern.

You need a material that is both strong and durable to use, including in extreme environmental conditions. The choices of materials that you can use include wood, rattan, natural fiber, bamboo, iron, aluminum, to plastic. Adjust to the needs and conditions of the outdoor area that you have so that the durability of the furniture is maintained properly.

To make it more attractive, you also have to adjust the appearance, want it to be more natural or modern. This can help you to choose what material to use.

If you want to promote a natural feel, you can use wood, bamboo, rattan or other natural fiber materials. However, if you want furniture that meets modern concepts, you can use raw materials in the form of iron, aluminum, plastic, and so on.

But remember, it's useless to have furniture that looks attractive if you can't take care of it. So good knowledge is needed about how to choose and care for outdoor furniture so that the quality of the furniture is also maintained.

How to care for outdoor furniture ?

Maintenance of outdoor furniture must be done regularly so that its condition is maintained properly. So that expectations for use in the longer term can be achieved.

There are several outdoor furniture care tips that you can apply, including:

Furniture made of wood, bamboo, rattan and other natural materials should be coated with wood preservatives on a regular basis. To avoid attacks of pests and fungi that have a very large potential to occur.

Do a repaint. Both on wood-based furniture, iron, or others, because painting is one of the right ways to care for outdoor furniture.

Use paints and wood preservatives that are safe and environmentally friendly and have the best quality. You can use the Biocide Series for your wood preservation and treatment needs.

For rattan-based furniture, you should only take it out in the outdoor area when you are going to use it. When you have finished using it, store it in the shade or in a storage shed.

Don't forget to clean the rust that sticks to the surface of the iron furniture. Sand it to remove rust. Then coat it again with quality iron paint. You can use Orchid Enamel Paint products, quality iron paints that are also equipped with anti-rust ingredients.

If you want to use outdoor furniture made of plastic material, be diligent in cleaning it. In addition, what is often a problem is the color of plastic furniture will quickly fade and become dull when exposed to direct sunlight too often. You can coat it again with Orchid paint or other paint as desired.