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how to deal with fungus on mahogany

Navigasi - Mahogany is one of the woods that our society often uses to make furniture, be it cabinets, beds, tables and others.

how to deal with fungus on mahogany
how to deal with fungus on mahogany

Mahogany wood became popular because mahogany wood has a fairly strong resistance, easy to cultivate and the price is quite economical so it is not difficult to get it.

About mahogany

Mahogany is a meliaceae type plant with the scientific name swietenia mahagoni with a mahogany tree height that can reach 40 m and a diameter of 125 cm.

Mahogany trees can survive in areas where there is minimal water, so it is not surprising that some countries use mahogany plants to be green plants for roads.

As for mahogany itself, it has long been used by our society to be used as raw material for making furniture and buildings due to the good color pattern of mahogany wood and the undoubted quality of mahogany wood.

In terms of quality and durability, mahogany wood is included in the ranks of quality wood number 2 which is still one point below teak, so it's no wonder that mahogany wood is also often hunted in the market for furniture such as cabinets, chairs, tables and other furniture.

How to deal with fungus on mahogany

Even so, if we want to store mahogany wood for a long time, it definitely requires care so as not to be attacked by fungi and insects which are natural enemies of wood which we have summarized on how to deal with fungus on mahogany which is as follows:

Clean the wood surface

Cleanliness is the first step in the treatment of mahogany wood so that it is not exposed to insect or fungal attacks due to dirt that sticks to it making it moist and susceptible to wood fungus.

You can use rags, dusters and others, this can also overcome the dull color of the wood if you do it regularly.

Put in a dry location

As we know that if wood is exposed to water or moisture it will be susceptible to mold and weathering, so we highly recommend choosing a location away from water.

This can increase the durability of mahogany from various fungal attacks and maintain the color of the wood and its natural pattern.

Use a pedestal in its placement location

Although it sounds trivial, but giving the base to the wood at the location of its placement is very useful, especially mahogany which has been used as furniture, this can reduce scratches on the legs of the furniture because they do not come into direct contact with the ground or floor.

In addition, providing a base on mahogany wood can reduce the level of humidity so that it can prevent fungal or termite attacks which are very fatal.

Clean between the wood using a brush

For wooden furniture that uses carving, it should be cleaned using a brush so as not to leave dirt or dust.

Especially on wood furniture, which has a lot of gaps so that it can reach deeper and we can clean dust thoroughly.

Clean Using Leftover Tea Water

You can also use leftover tea for furniture. Simply wipe a cloth that has been given the remaining tea water on the furniture, then dry it.

Tea water can prevent mildew on the surface of the wood, however, you also don't do it often because if it doesn't dry thoroughly it will actually make the wood rotten.

Avoid from direct sunlight

For indoor furniture, you should avoid direct sunlight so that the finishing color does not fade easily.

Those are some things for mahogany wood care, hopefully it will be useful and thank you for visiting our blog.