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The 6 Best and Frequently Used Types of Water Resistant Wood

Navigasi - There are many types of wood that can be found in Indonesia. Where each type of wood has different characteristics. In choosing the type of wood can not be arbitrary because not all types of wood can be durable, long lasting and waterproof.

The 6 Best and Frequently Used Types of Water Resistant Wood
The 6 Best and Frequently Used Types of Water Resistant Wood

If you choose it, it can be easily damaged when used, of course it will cause losses. Here are some of the best and often used types of waterproof wood.

Know the 6 Best and Frequent Types of Water Resistant Wood

maybe some of us are still confused about the choice of wood for making crafts made from water-resistant wood, so we want to share the following info:

1. Teak wood

Teak is very well known for its waterproof quality Teak wood is the most popular type of wood because of its quality. Its very good quality makes this wood often used as an option for making furniture. Not only indoor furniture, teak wood is also suitable for making outdoor furniture.

Teak wood has many advantages, one of which is water resistance. Another advantage is that it is resistant to termite attacks. This is because in the wood fiber there are natural oils that are useful for perfect self-defense.

2. Bengkirai Wood

Bengkirai wood is a type of wood originating from Kalimantan. Bengkirai, has a brownish yellow color. As for the fiber chart, it has a darker color when compared to the surface.

This type of wood is termite-resistant so it can be used for up to 30 years, as long as it is placed indoors. If used outdoors can last no more than 30 years. Therefore, bengkirai wood is the right choice if you want to find wood that can last a long time.

3. Sea Resin Wood

A type of sea resin wood that is famous for its water resistance

This type of durable wood has a similar appearance to bengkirai wood. However, sea resin wood is sold at a more affordable price. This wood has a characteristic in the form of straight fibers. In addition, it also has a brownish yellow color.

Sea resin wood is one of the hard woods, so processing it can be quite difficult. Need a special way to process it. Sea resin wood is one type of wood that is resistant to rainwater and hot sunlight.

4. Sonokeling Wood

This type of wood is one of the woods originating from Java. Sonokeling wood is known as wood that is water resistant, has a dark color and is of high quality. In addition, this wood has a soft texture so it is very easy to process into furniture without sanding.

The pattern owned by rosewood is very beautiful and is complemented by purplish black with reddish brown or purple streaks with black streaks. The center of this wood has natural gum. The natural sap is useful as an antidote to termites and fungi so that it can last a long time and be durable.

5. Ironwood

Ulin, which is known to be waterproof, is even better when exposed to water

Ironwood earned the nickname as iron wood. This wood is wood that can withstand when exposed to water. Precisely the color of the wood will be better if exposed to water. Ironwood is known to have very good resistance so it does not require special care so that it can be durable and long lasting.

One of the drawbacks of ironwood is that it has barely visible fibers. Not only that, this wood also often creates small cracks (fiber cracks). Even if a crack is found, the crack will not spread and make it durable.

6. Merbau Wood

The last type of waterproof wood is merbau wood. Merbau wood has physical characteristics such as having a gray-black color and having a straight line texture that is broken. The color of merbau wood depends on the location where it grows.

Talking about quality, this one wood has a quality that is not much different from the quality of teak wood. How to process merbau wood requires special handling and does not require more maintenance. Even so, this wood is one type of wood that is water resistant.

So, those are the 6 best and often used types of waterproof wood. It is hoped that the description above can help readers who are confused about choosing wood that is durable and durable. May be useful.