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Tips for mental strengthening in becoming a trader

Navigasi - Recently, we often hear and see many young people who are trading, especially in crypto coins such as bitcoin, etherium and friends, not infrequently they even go directly to the micin coin market like this shiba, baby doge, Asix, icoin and others which for its fundamentals and trust is being built in another sense the level of risk is very high.

Tips for mental strengthening in becoming a trader
Tips for mental strengthening in becoming a trader

Of the many phenomena of novice traders who immediately jump in and invest their money in these crypto tokens, many have become oblivious and some have even committed suicide, such as a young man from West Java in the past months.

Tips for mental strengthening in becoming a trader

Therefore, before you want to trade, you should analyze the investment instruments that you will invest both technically and fundamentally and most importantly use cold money and not money for basic needs.

Besides that, mental preparation is the main thing in trading both in stocks, forex and bitcoin so that you don't get stressed or even want to kill yourself, so this time we will share some mental preparation tips for trading which are as follows:

Don't be easily influenced (fomo)

The main mistake of the stakeholders is that they are easily influenced and make decisions to buy and sell too quickly when the market is not good at that time (fomo) usually due to some fud or stove information that makes our beliefs waver.

What's worse is that the information is not checked and analyzed first by us, we are always retail traders so that we are caught in the trap of bookies (cukong) who are indeed looking for prey by creating and sharing wrong information.

Therefore, before you regret it, it would be better if any information regarding an investment instrument, be it stocks or cryptocurrencies, would be wise if we analyze and check the correctness of the information first.

Busy bragging and miss the opportunity to sell assets

From several investment groups, whether cryptocoins or stocks, we find many people who show off their asset price increases by taking screenshots and posting them in the group without taking action so that they miss the opportunity they should have lost a lot.

You could say they are screenshots who are busy in the group, therefore it would be better for you to take the right action when your investment assets increase and decrease in price, don't miss this opportunity as we know an investment instrument if it has increased or even passed ATH it will definitely experience a correction if you miss this moment, you will definitely experience continuous losses in the trading world.

In essence, take profit first before showing off screenshots, okay.

Don't be too eager to get rich quick

This is often experienced by novice traders who are too eager to get rich quick so they sell all their wealth to buy one investment instrument.

As we know that the price movement of an investment instrument takes a long time to reach the selling price we want, even though the investment instrument has good fundamentals.

Therefore you have to get rid of the desire to get rich quick in a day, week and month by just buying a stock or cryptocoin because it is just a fomo or a halu .

An investment instrument takes a long time to grow as you want, at least 1 year.

Patiently waiting for the right moment

As we know the movement of an investment asset is always up and down if it has reached or passed its ATH then it naturally makes corrections and vice versa if it has been corrected for too long and plunged in, it is certain to experience a bounce to fly up this applies to all investment instruments, especially those that have good fundamentals.

Therefore, if you are after a stock or crypto coin, you should be patient until you find the right moment to buy or sell it, don't be in a hurry.


The last one is praying a lot so that our wishes are quickly achieved because even though we have analyzed as well as possible but we must have missed something that could change the price of our assets not according to our wishes.

Because only God is able to change a person's fate easily and also strengthens our mentality when the market is unstable, up and down, which is difficult for us to predict.

Maybe that's all from us, hopefully useful and thank you for visiting our blog.