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What are the benefits of charcoal that few people know?

Navigasi - Wood charcoal has long been known to us as an ingredient for ignition in cooking, as it has been used by our ancestors.

What are the benefits of charcoal that few people know?
What are the benefits of charcoal that few people know?

Wood charcoal is also often used in making satay and grilled chicken because the aroma produced from this wood charcoal increases our appetite.

Often some people also call wood charcoal as charcoal briquettes because of its use as cooking fuel and the basic ingredients do not always use wood but also various materials such as coconut shells, leaves and others which are then printed into charcoal brikers. In addition, excellent materials that are good for making wood charcoal for cooking are as follows.

Main ingredients for charcoal making:

Coconut shells (the best for making charcoal with a very fragrant and appetizing aroma) Wood (standard material that can be directly used) Rice bran (requires a molding process to become charcoal briker) Sawdust (this is the same, it still needs a printing process)

From the data above, if it is used as an ignition material in cooking, the best is coconut shell.

But a good standard in the use of charcoal is from wood because it can be used directly without the need for a lot of processing like the others.

As for the use of rice bran and sawdust, we have to process them first and the aroma is not as strong as coconut shells and wood.

As for the use of charcoal can be seen as below.

Utilization of Charcoal:

Charcoal is used for cooking

As we all know and have discussed for a long time, we have used wood charcoal in cooking, even today, many countries use charcoal for cooking ingredients, so the need for charcoal is now not only domestically but also internationally so that orders for wood charcoal are increasing both domestically and abroad. .

Charcoal is also used to purify water and neutralize water.

Charcoal can also be used as a water purifier as has been practiced in Japan where their sewers and waterways are given charcoal and the result is that the water becomes clearer and their environmental ecosystem comes back to life. Aquatic animals can also live again such as fish, crabs and other aquatic animals. can live they have practiced this for approximately 20 years.

Because basically the pores in the charcoal are able to filter the water until it is clear plus the charcoal also releases negative ions and absorbs pollutant particles so that the water that passes through the charcoal is neutralized, in other words, the charcoal functions to filter out toxic particles, because that's why the environmental ecosystem can come back to life.

Benefits of charcoal in agriculture

Many do not know that charcoal can also be used in agriculture. The functions and benefits of charcoal in agriculture are as follows:

One of the uses of wood charcoal in agriculture is as a deterrent to fungi and pests.
Charcoal serves to neutralize when we give too much fertilizer supply to plants.
Another function of charcoal has the property of absorbing water so that plants do not lack water supply.

those are some things about the benefits of charcoal that are often used for the people of Indonesia, hopefully it will be useful, thank you for visiting our blog