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Why is the price of teak wood so expensive in the market ?

Navigasi - What are the reasons for the high price of teak wood? There are at least four factors why teak can be priced more expensive than various other types of wood. What is clear, because the price is expensive, we should treat products from teak as much as possible using Biopolish Natural Oil.

Why is the price of teak wood so expensive in the market ?
Why is the price of teak wood so expensive in the market ?

Teak wood or can be called by the name of teak wood is famous for its price in the market soaring high. The price per teak wood board can be tens to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. This concerns the cost of transportation, distribution to the condition of the fiber and the age and condition of the teak wood.

What is the reason for the high price of teak wood?

Teak wood itself is included in the type of hard wood such as Kalimantan wood, bengkirai, meranti, ironwood, mahogany and others. So it is natural that the price is far above soft wood like sengon wood or the type of Dutch teak or pallets on the market.

Teak tree is a type of tree that produces high quality wood. Teak tree has a hard wood character and the direction of growth is straight. This characteristic makes teak wood widely used as a material for making furniture. Furniture that is often made of teak wood, for example, is cabinets, chairs, tables and doors.

Besides being widely used to make various furniture, another undeniable fact related to this is the high cost of products made of teak compared to products made of other woods. What is the reason for the high price of teak? Apart from the fact that the wood is hard and the direction is straight, there are still various advantages of teak that make the price expensive.

4 Reasons for the High Price of Teak Wood

What is the reason for the high price of teak wood? Especially the original teak or Perhutani teak which has been around for a long time. This is of course different from the type of golden teak or village teak which is not as old as Perhutani teak. Usually the price of gold teak or village teak is cheaper. Besides that, basically what are the advantages and disadvantages of teak wood that makes it expensive in the market?

The following will explain four reasons that make the price of teak, especially old teak or Perhutani teak, soar.

1. The strength level of Teak wood

Teak wood is proven to be very strong and also resistant to weather influences such as heat, sunburn, and rain. This makes teak wood is always the main choice for the furniture industry. Teak wood can be used for indoor and outdoor furniture. Parts of the building that use wood such as wooden floors and decking for the terrace or near the swimming pool are the best choice using teak wood. In contrast to other types of parquet wood flooring, other types of wood are not as strong as teak.

2. The level of durability of teak wood

The level of durability of teak wood has been recognized throughout the world. This durability is shown by the many aspects found in teak wood. First, teak is not easily weathered. Second, teak wood is not easily deformed by changes in weather, even though it is placed in a humid place without even going through the preservation process. And thirdly, this wood is not liked by termites or other wood-destroying insects. You may never have noticed, but for those who have teak furniture at home, try to pay attention to where termites usually nest in your home. On furniture from teak or from other types of wood?

3. The level of beauty of teak wood

Teak wood has a very high decorative value. This beauty is very unique and cannot be compared with other types of wood. This is what makes the price of teak so soar in terms of aesthetics. With the subtlety of the texture and the beauty of the color of the wood, teak is classified as a luxury wood. Therefore, teak is widely processed into furniture, handicrafts, panels, carvings, even for classy door or window frames and stairs. Teak wood has always been the main choice for producing types of good quality products. If cared for properly, teak furniture will never fade its beauty. Even more antique with age.

4. Ease of the teak wood working process

Teak wood is a type of carpentry wood that is very easy to process. Although hard and strong, teak wood is easy to cut and work with. This makes teak wood very popular with craftsmen as well as making teak prices go up. After sanding, the wood usually has a smooth and greasy surface. That's why most workers or carpenters prefer to work on teak wood rather than working on other types of carpentry wood such as acacia wood and merbau wood.

Those are four reasons why the price of teak can be expensive. With this fact, we should be wise when we have teak furniture at home. For example, by taking care of teak wood so that its condition is always attractive at all times.