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7% of Spain Are Crypto HODLers, So Crypto Literacy Country?

Navigasi - National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) – estimates that 6.8% of Spain's adult population has part of their wealth in crypto assets most of them coming from high asset classes, while those with low do not consider.

7% of Spain Are Crypto HODLers, So Crypto Literacy Country?
7% of Spain Are Crypto HODLers, So Crypto Literacy Country?

most HODLers receive solid salaries and have stable jobs. CNMV found that 41% of those with a salary of more than 3,000 euros have entered the crypto ecosystem, 10.7% of Spain who temporarily have less than 1,000 euros have allocated funds in the market.

Not surprisingly, 66% of crypto investors in the Iberian country are men, while 34% are women.

Digital assets are considered a legal form of investment in Spain. At the same time, capital gains from the sale of taxable crypto assets are in the range of 19% to 23% (depending on personal income).

Regulation is an important factor when it comes to cryptocurrencies, as cryptocurrency adoption continues to increase. In determining crypto regulation, different countries take different approaches.

Recently, the Spanish crypto exchange Bit2Me announced that the company was recognized by the Spanish central bank (Bank of Spain), as reported by FX Empire, Sunday (27/2/2022).

With this agreement, Bit2Me is now the first crypto-related service provider to be accepted by the Spanish Central Bank.

Spain is the first country in Europe when it comes to bitcoin ATMs. According to Coin ATM Radar, Spain has 209 Bitcoin ATMs across the country and there are plans to install an additional 100 Bitcoin ATMs this year.

Bit2Me is a Spanish crypto exchange founded by Andrei Manuel and Leif Ferreira in 2014. Bit2Me offers crypto-related services in Spain and other countries around the world.

The Spanish company has hired employees from major corporations in 2021, such as the former CEO of Coinbase Europe-UK, Zeeshan Feroz, as their new Strategy Advisor, and also the former Spanish and Portuguese Blockchain Head of Accenture, Bogdan Stirbu as their new CEO of Bit2Me Capital.

In August 2021, Bit2Me raised £2.5 million or around IDR 48.8 billion for the launch of their “B2M” token which was released in September last year.

One year ago, in February 2021, the Spanish central bank and Bit2Me again published a statement about the highly volatile price of cryptocurrencies and being a high-risk investment.

A months later, in October 2021 the Bank of Spain published instructions and steps on how crypto service providers in the country should be registered.

Later at that time, Bit2Me said in a statement that they were the first to apply for registration with the Bank of Spain. As of now, according to TripleA, a Singaporean crypto-related company. about 1.1 million people (2.51 percent of Spain's population) own crypto.