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Nanovest Presents Safe and Anti-Complicated Investment

Navigasi - Nanovest, under the auspices of PT Grow Together Nano, officially introduced itself as a digital asset investment platform created by the nation's children by holding a Grand Launching event on Wednesday (24/8/2022), in Uluwatu, Bali.

Nanovest Presents Safe and Anti-Complicated Investment
Nanovest Presents Safe and Anti-Complicated Investment

Along with its launch, Nanovest also introduces several new features and services so as to increase the ease and convenience of users when making investment transactions.

Nanovest's Chief Operating Officer, Billy Suryajaya, in his remarks gave a strong reason for officially launching Nanovest in Indonesia.

"Along with the times, we feel that creating a safe, comfortable and easy digital asset investment space is Nanovest's main mission. We are also committed to continuously conducting a series of education about the benefits of investing in Nanovest," said Billy.

This is done with the hope that everyone will have the same opportunity to profit. According to Billy, Nanovest wants to be a platform that can make it easier for Indonesians to invest.

Until now, Nanovest already has several excellent features and services, including:

1. Buy and sell transactions in more than 2000 digital assets starting from IDR 5 thousand,

2. Fast registration process with KYC process in under 1 minute.

3. Instant fund withdrawals and P2P transfer services that make it easy for users to send or receive balances from fellow Nanovest application users.

4. NBT Staking, where NBT owners can lock (lock) a number of their NBT in the long term to get more NBT.

5. Nanolympic, a trading competition with a total prize of 5 billion by inviting new investors to start investing in digital assets in Nanovest.

Nanovest Hope

In general, Billy said Nanovest is a digital asset investment platform that is expected to be able to encourage the birth of new investors, especially millennials.

"Nanovest is very appropriate for novice investors. Starting from Rp. 5 thousand, users can already invest in various digital assets," he said.

From the company's point of view, Indonesia actually has a very high digital asset market potential. Based on data from the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA) as of June 2022, there are only 15.1 million crypto asset users in Indonesia.

"The number of crypto asset users in Indonesia, according to CoFTRA, is only around 15.1 million. This means, not yet 6 percent of the total population of Indonesia, which exceeds 275 million. We think the growth potential is very high," continued Billy.

This is also in line with a report from the Financial Times which mentions Bali as one of the places in Indonesia that is the main destination for world crypto enthusiasts.

It is not surprising that many crypto users flock to Bali, to get more experience related to digital assets. This is a strong reason for launching Nanovest in Bali.

Nanovest has also launched various new features that provide users with a personalized experience to create avatars when investing.

In addition, NBT owners can get added value and special benefits when staking through the application, which is known as Nano+. Nanovest also held a competition titled NanoRace with a total prize pool of more than 20 billion.

The Work of the Nation's Children

Although it is a relatively new platform, interestingly Nanovest is an Indonesian company under the auspices of PT Grow Bersama Nano.

"PT Growing Together Nano is a company whose 100 percent ownership is a local company and its office is in Sudirman, South Jakarta. Structurally all members of the company's board of directors and commissioners are Indonesian, then the team that fully supports this project are also mostly Indonesian citizens. , he said.

In addition to inviting business partners and media crews, in this grand launching event Nanovest also involved representatives from the Nanovest user community.

"As a form of appreciation, we also invite representatives from the community so that they can experience firsthand the features presented by Nanovest," continued Billy.

Until now, the number of users of the Nanovest application has reached 2.5 million. The application itself can be downloaded via the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (IOS). While on social media, Nanovest has been followed by more than 33.4 thousand on Instagram, 11.8 mothers on Twitter, 17.7 thousand on TikTok, and more than 30 thousand on Telegram.