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what are the benefits of Permethrin for wood ???

Navigasi - Permethrin is a synthetic material that has various functions in human life. The meaning and function of permethrin will be discussed in this article to provide a deeper understanding of this material.

what are the benefits of Permethrin for wood  ???
what are the benefits of Permethrin for wood  ??? 

Permethrin is a synthetic or artificial chemical that is widely used by humans. Permethrin is widely used as an insecticide or insect repellent and acaricide which is effective as a contact poison. Acaricide is a substance whose use is intended to eradicate arachnid pests such as ticks and spiders.

Permethrin is neurotoxic and has a broad spectrum of target organisms. Permethrin will affect neuron membranes and cause interference with signal transfer between neurons. As a result, the target organism will die.

Permethrin itself has a very bad toxic effect for cold-blooded animals such as insects and the fish family. According to research, this ingredient also has the potential to cause severe poisoning in cats. In other mammals and birds, permethrin is known to have very little toxicity. In humans, the absorption of permethrin into the skin is very low. Thus, the effect of this material on humans is relatively harmless. Permethrin poisoning in humans can only be obtained at high doses. Due to its low toxicity to humans, various products containing permethrin are also commonly used in humans. An example is the drug scabies.

Medication for scabies generally uses permenthrin. In these drugs, the function of permethrin is as an active ingredient that is toxic to scabies. This material will kill scabies which is an insect group organism without giving harmful effects to human health.

Permethrin as a Wood Preservative

Permethrin is highly toxic to cold-blooded organisms such as insects. This material has the ability to eliminate many types of insects or commonly referred to as insecticides with a broad spectrum of target organisms. These properties make permethrin an excellent insect repellent product in the wood preservative process. Although it can kill non-pest insects, it has been criticized a lot, but the presence of permethrin will clearly protect the wood to the maximum. How to apply this product is also very easy. Various types of wood products, both logs (logs) or those that have been processed, need to be soaked, brushed or sprayed using this material. The duration of the application itself usually follows the recommended application duration according to the information on each product see.

Other Permethrin Functions

This product can also be used to treat insect pests in buildings and agriculture. Permethrin is a product that is able to overcome annoying pests such as fleas and termites in buildings. Even this material is toxic to rats which often nest and become pests in buildings. In addition, in everyday life, this product can also be used to overcome the number of mosquitoes that attack. In areas experiencing epidemics of malaria or high dengue fever, this material will be indispensable. Permethrin can be used as an ingredient for soaking mosquito nets that are commonly used for sleeping. That way, the mosquitoes will be eliminated before they can bite humans.