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what is maple wood ???

Navigasi - Maple wood is one of the best raw materials for furniture and various household purposes, such as tables, cabinets and kitchen utensils. Interested in using it? Check out the facts and characteristics here first! Maple is a wood that comes from the maple tree.

what is maple wood ???
what is maple wood ??? 

At first, this tree was widely grown in the Americas, but now maple trees can grow anywhere including Indonesia. Maple trees have beautiful leaf colors and shapes.

Maple Wood Utilization

With the characteristics possessed by maple wood, it is certainly the prima donna of many carpenters to be used as a useful product, including:

Maple Wood Furniture

Wood craftsmen and furniture makers are attracted to maple wood because of several advantages such as its bright color, cream color combined with a smooth texture, and straight fibers that are slightly wavy. The furniture that is often made with maple material is as follows: Cupboard Bed Chair Table And a variety of other furniture.

Maple Wood Guitar

The craftsmen of musical instruments such as this guitar use maple wood to be used as the neck and fretboard on their guitars. That's because maple wood can produce tones that are fairly standard and of good quality for a guitar to sell. For the material for making this guitar, two types of maple (hard and soft) can both be used for the neck and fretboard of the guitar. Maple Wood Skateboard One of the woods that can be used as a skateboard board is maple wood. Maple wood has characteristics that can meet the standards of eligibility to be used as a skateboard. Maple Wood Floor This maple wood can also be used as a wooden floor or in English wooden floor.

advantages of maple wood for furniture

In addition, this tree is also widely used as a furniture material with its characteristic bright color and smooth texture. Want to know more about this wood? Check out this review of the facts and characteristics of maple wood below!

maple wood has two variants softwood and hardwood

Maple wood consists of two types, namely hard wood and soft wood which have different levels of resistance. Hard wood comes from trees that have broad leaves, while soft woods have oval leaves. Hard wood is used for various needs such as flooring and others. Meanwhile, softwood types are usually used for carving and carving needs such as guitars, roof decorations and other home decorations. In addition, the color of the wood also varies depending on the age and location of the tree growing.

Maple Wood Has a Smooth Texture

Maple is a type of wood that has a smooth texture.This wood has smooth strokes that are beautiful and natural. Its smooth texture makes maple wood widely used as wood for furniture such as cabinets, tables, wardrobes, and many more.

maple wood has a variety of colors

As previously mentioned, the age and location of the tree can affect the color of the wood. There is wood that is cream on the outside, while the inside is brown. In addition, there is also wood that has a light brown, dark brown or even reddish color.

Maple Wood Has Different Hardness Levels

Hardwood and softwood have very different levels of hardness.For this type of hard wood has a hardness level of more than 6,000 Newtons. Meanwhile, for the level of hardness, the soft type is only about 4,000 Newtons.

The difference in the level of hardness between the two greatly affects the level of durability and durability. Therefore, you should choose the right type of wood according to your needs.

Maple Wood is Soft and Easy to Process

In contrast to hard maple, soft wood is easy to work with because it has a lower hardness. As for how to process it by bending it over a fire with a certain temperature.

After this process is complete, the wood can then be processed into furniture, household appliances or musical instruments, such as guitars.

Economical Price

Despite being one type of wood that has many uses, this wood is sold at a very economical price.

This wood is often used as an alternative for making various kinds of furniture to replace cherry wood which is more expensive.

Although it has an economical price, this beautiful wood has good quality and is internationally recognized.

Moisture Resistant Wood

Maple wood is one of the wood that is moisture-resistant so it is safe to use as furniture such as wardrobes. In addition, its moisture-resistant properties also make this wood durable for years if used as furniture because it is free from moisture.

Tips for Caring for Maple Wood Furniture

The best care for maple wood furniture depends on the type of finish used on the wood. Because maple has a fairly dense density, it does not absorb finishing oils well. In certain cases, this finishing oil can actually cause the maple to turn slightly yellow. The choice of finishing layer will determine the durability of maple wood furniture. For this reason, it is necessary to be selective in choosing a good type of finishing for maple. Generally, maple wood furniture does not require special care. In other words, this maple wood furniture is maintenance free.

That's a discussion about maple wood that is widely used by wood craftsmen, hopefully this article can add new insights. Thank you for visiting and see you in the next informational article!