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Canada's New Opposition Leader Is A Bitcoin Supporter

Navigasi - Canadian politician and well-known crypto advocate Pierre Poilievre has taken over the Conservative Party of Canada, which looks set to make the current government run away in the next federal election.

Canada's New Opposition Leader Is A Bitcoin Supporter
Canada's New Opposition Leader Is A Bitcoin Supporter

The pro-crypto politician reportedly won the leadership of the Canadian Conservative Party in a landslide victory on Saturday, securing 68.15% of election points up for grabs, and far surpassing his closest opponent Jean Charest who received just 16.07% of the vote.

Poilievre has been a member of the Conservative Party since 2003, the first winning post in the 2004 election. Since then he has served as Member of Parliament for seven terms and has held various roles including Shadow Minister of Finance and Minister of Labor and Social Development.

Poilievre has become a well-known proponent of crypto and Bitcoin (BTC), advocating for more financial freedom through tokens, smart contracts and decentralized finance.

His latest appointment means that Canadians may eventually be able to choose a pro-crypto leader in the next federal election, which will take place on or before October 20, 2025, to determine Canada's 45th Prime Minister.

Earlier this year, Poilievre urged Canadians to elect him as their leader to “make Canada the blockchain capital of the world.”

In March, the YouTube channel BITCOIN posted a video of Poilievre at Tahinis Restaurant during his leadership election campaign talking about his support for crypto, saying: “We have to keep cryptocurrencies legal:”

“People should have the freedom to choose other money. If the government is going to misuse our money, we should have the freedom to use other, higher quality cash.”

He also briefly talked about ideas for simplifying crypto taxes, rules, and regulations so that there are consistent laws across Canada.

In the same video, he buys chicken shawarma using the Lightning Network.

However, Poilievre has offered very few specifics on how his party will implement crypto regulation and adoption if they topple Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's current Liberal party.

Canada's Conservative Party currently holds 16 of the 105 seats in the Senate and 119 of 338 in the general assembly, while Trudeau's Liberal government has a minority government with 160 seats in the lower house.

To form a majority government requires at least 170 seats in the general assembly.