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Definition of Business Competition

Navigasi - Unraveling the meaning of business competition, of course, we must first understand the meaning of the words competition and business, so that if both of them have been found, it is easy to reconstruct the meaning of business competition.

Definition of Business Competition
Definition of Business Competition

In terms of competition means competing activities, matches, competitions. Meanwhile, in the management dictionary, competition is the business of two or more companies, each of which is active in obtaining orders by offering the most favorable prices or terms. This competition takes several forms including price cuts, advertising and sales promotion, quality variations, packaging, design and market segmentation (Marbun, 2003: 276).

Then the word effort in the management dictionary is an activity carried out in an organized and directed manner to achieve a predetermined target on a regular basis, both individually and in groups (Marbun, 2003: 284).

Based on the explanation of the two definitions of competition and business as described above, it can be understood that what is meant by business competition is basically a competitive activity between businesses that is managed in an organized manner.

Good and Bad Business Competition

The name is competition, of course there is good and bad in it, bad competition if the competition is carried out using bad ways that violate norms, customs or applicable laws.

Meanwhile, what is meant by good competition is that the competition does not violate any laws or norms that exist in the midst of society.

Therefore, if we build a business, it is natural to compete with other businesses, especially similar businesses, however, in conducting such business competition, it would be better to do it in good ways and do not violate the law or norms. The norms that apply in our society, so that the business we build gets blessings.