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Four Lampung Crafts Win Potential Outstanding Product Competition

Navigasi - A pride for Lampung Province, because four Lampung Province handicraft products won the competition for superior products with potential in the Nusantara Crafts Exhibition (Kriyanusa) organized by the central National Crafts Council (Dekranas).

Four potential superior products from Lampung are; Mulang Tiyuh's Beautiful Tapis; Bandar Lampung City by Hj. Siti Rahayu. Embroidery Jelujur Pesawaran, by Heni Kristyowati, Tapis Kapal, South Lampung, by Yanti and Sulam Jelujur Pesawaran, by Sumaryanti.

The winner of the superior product competition has the potential to be conveyed by the Chairman of the Jury Hesti, at the closing of Kriyanusa 2022, at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Sunday (25/9/2022) afternoon.

According to the jury for the potential superior product competition, the judging criteria include original products, innovation, marketability, unique designs.

Head of the Lampung Dekranasda Riana Sari Arinal when asked for a statement expressed his infinite gratitude for this achievement.

"Alhamdulillah, of the 22 winners of the potential superior product competition, the four Lampung handicrafts won are pride for Lampung Province," he said.

"So far, the Dekranasda has made every effort to provide guidance and the Regency/City Dekranasda has reaped results, hopefully in the future it will be even better," she added.

A total of 22 potential superior products that will be the winners of Kriyanusa 2022, namely; Sunkit weaving from West Kalimantan, Sidan weaving from West Kalimantan, Outer Batik from DKI Jakarta, Cutting board also from DKI. Sepang Woven Fabrics, West Manggai NTT, Carved Seashell Brooches from NTTB, 925% Silver Woven Bags from Bali,

Bili Woven Box from Aceh Besar, Ulos Combination Party Bag from Medan.

Mulang Tiyuh's Beautiful Filter from Bandarlampung City by Hj. Siti Rahayu Sulam Jelujur, by Heni Kristyowati from Pesawaran, Tapis Kapal, South Lampung by Yanti and Sulam Jelujur, Pesawaran, by Sumaryati.

Ombre scarf from Banten, Kaban bag from Balik Papan. Lontar leaf woven bag, South Sulawesi,

Batik Songket Sarong from South Sumatra, Nirmala Songket Fabric from South Sumatra, Gedong Weaving Fabric from East Java, Silk Fabric for Materos motif from East Java, Water Hyacinth Carpet from Pasuruan, East Java, Earrings Kar from West Java.

Meanwhile, the winners of the booth arrangement competition were won by the Dekranasda of DKI Jakarta, the Dekranasda of West Kalimantan and the Dekranasda of Aceh Besar Regency.

The closing of Kriyanusa 2022 was carried out by the Chief Executive Liza Thohir, attended by Susana Masduki, Suparni Bahlil, Anna Plate, Hety Andhika. Also attended by the Chair of the Lampung Province Dekranasda Riana Sari Arinal, the Chairperson of the Bali Dekranasda Putri Koster.