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Lampung Provincial Government Holds SME-IKM Product Bazaar in Pringsewu

Navigasi - Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have a major contribution to the regional economy, especially in providing jobs.

Lampung Provincial Government Holds SME-IKM Product Bazaar in Pringsewu
Lampung Provincial Government Holds SME-IKM Product Bazaar in Pringsewu

This was said by the Assistant for the Economy and Development, Kusnardi when delivering a written speech to the Governor of Lampung, Arinal Djunaidi at the Lampung SME/IKM Product Bazaar and Cheap Market which was held at the District Government field, Pringsewu, Lampung, Friday (30/09). /2022).

Kusnardi continued, Contribution to total Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) and regional export performance, as well as being more resistant to shocks that occur in the economy.

"So it is very important to continue to encourage the rise of MSMEs, especially the industrial and trade sectors in an effort to improve economic performance," he said.

Lampung Province has a variety of SME/IKM products, both culinary and handicraft products. This diversity is one of the advantages to continue to generate and develop SMEs/IKM Lampung Province to be more advanced and able to compete at national and international levels.

The Assistant for Economic Affairs and Development also said, in an effort to recover the regional economy as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Lampung Provincial Government continues to make breakthrough efforts and synergies with the Regency/City Government and the Central Government, including in encouraging SMEs/IKM actors in improve quality, quantity, continuity, and product promotion.

Facilitation in product promotion, such as the Lampung SME/IKM Product Bazaar which was held today is expected to increase market access for SME/IKM products, both domestic and export markets.

The Lampung Provincial Government through the Department of Industry and Trade carried out this Lampung SME/IKM Product Bazaar Activity to help promote the products of the Lampung Province SME/IKM.

"I ordered the participants to continue to be enthusiastic in developing their business, looking for new market opportunities, and improving the quality, diversity, and continuity of the products produced," he said.

In addition, to the Industry and Trade Office of Lampung Province and related agencies, I order to continue to encourage SMEs to develop businesses so that they are more acceptable and attractive to the market, through assistance in the business licensing process, technical guidance on business diversification, product promotion, and the use of technology. 

On the same occasion, the Acting Regent of Pringsewu, Adi Erlansyah, said, as we all know, the economy of Pringsewu Regency is dominated by the 3 largest contributory sectors to Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP), namely the agriculture and fishery sector, the manufacturing industry sector and the trade sector.

The impact of the increase in fuel prices poses serious problems for the government, especially for small communities. Therefore, the Government pays special attention to dealing with this problem by providing policies that directly touch the community, which are expected to ease the economic burden of the community.