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Metaverse Star Atlas Game Crypto Token

Navigasi - Star Atlas is a multiplayer online game that takes place in a virtual gaming metaverse. Star Atlas is built using Unreal Engine 5, which allows for better graphics of the game.

Reporting from Coinmarketcap, the game Star Atlas carries a futuristic science fiction theme set in 2620, where three major factions have emerged and compete for resources and control in the world of Star Atlas.

Star Atlas was announced in January 2021 and is being built on the Solana blockchain. The project is supported by several Solana-based projects, such as Serum, decentralized exchange, and FTX.

The Star Atlas game utility crypto token, ATLAS Coin, will start trading in August 2021. Later, the assets earned in the game can be exchanged by players for real-world currency.

Who Founded Star Atlas?

Star Atlas was founded by Michael Wagner who currently serves as CEO. Prior to founding Star Atlas, Michael Wagner worked at Venture Capital firm and at Multichain Ventures, a company focused on producing blockchain-focused products.

Another founder, Pablo Quiroga who currently serves as COO of Star Atlas, was the founder of a supplement startup and worked in biotechnology before co-founding Star Atlas.

What Makes the Star Atlas Unique?

Star Atlas aims to provide an immersive metaverse gaming experience that spans multiple genres and combines a quality gaming experience with the ability to earn virtual assets that can be exchanged for real-life currency.

Star Atlas also plans to replace its competitors by outperforming them in several areas. So far, no blockchain game has combined as many different gameplay possibilities as Star Atlas.

ATLAS Coin Price

Based on Coinmarketcap data, Tuesday (6/9/2022), the price of ATLAS Coin is IDR 86.53 with a 24-hour trading volume of around IDR 23 billion.

ATLAS Coin is up 0.33 percent in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, Coinmarketcap's current rating is 708 with a market capitalization of IDR 187.3 billion. To date, there has been a supply circulation of around 2.1 billion ATLAS out of a maximum of 36 billion ATLAS Coins.