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what is agarwood ???

Navigasi - Have you ever thought about which type of wood is the most expensive in the world? Then the answer is Agarwood. Agarwood is currently included in the list of the most expensive woods in the world, this is because it is not only of good quality but in terms of appearance characteristics and the level of rarity.

what is agarwood ???
what is agarwood ???

However, what is it really like why this wood can be so expensive and why the population can decrease from year to year, and what uses are usually used? Check out the reviews below:

The characteristics of the agarwood tree

The gaharu tree is a group of the thymelaeceae family and the Aquilaria spp species with the scientific name Aquilaria maleccensis originating from the forests of Southeast Asia and South Asia.

The characteristics of this tree are that it has a height of 35-40 meters with a trunk diameter of about 40-60 cm, no buttresses, straight and hard.

While the bark is whitish brown with integrated wood fibers and a smooth texture. The crown is rounded, dense with horizontal branches. And has a leaf shape that tapers at the ends.

How to determine gaharu tree wood with good quality, among others, is seen in the sapwood, which is evenly black in color and when it is cut or sliced, it will emit a distinctive fragrant aroma.

While the quality of gaharu wood is low or grade B/C, the sapwood looks light brown to dark brown in color and the aroma produced is faint and even less flavorful when cut or sliced.

Characteristics of agarwood

Compared to commercial types of wood in Indonesia in general, this gaharu wood in terms of characteristics or characteristics of the wood is quite attractive in terms of blackish color and contains a distinctive resin produced from tree species of the genus Aquilaria.

Characteristics of agarwood

While the wood texture feels hard and the wood grain looks unique, so many people like this and this is the reason why wood producers or craftsmen use it as a raw material for making furniture.

The average density of agarwood itself is about 0.03 to 0.20. The weight of the wood is relatively heavy because there is sap in the trunk of the tree, the more sap content in it, the more it will affect the condition of its weight.

But thanks to the agarwood sap, this wood has a distinctive aroma. The scent of the sap is very disliked by animals, so it is resistant to termites, wood-eating insects, wood lice to fungi.

Besides that, the level of durability and hardness of agarwood is quite high so that there are many uses and benefits that can be used to meet various kinds of human needs.

Advantages of agarwood

Each type of wood in general must have its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as this agarwood or agarwood. What are the advantages?

  1. Termite resistant
  2. Able to withstand changes in temperature or weather
  3. Characteristics of the display looks unique and attractive
  4. Sturdy and durable wood texture
  5. Wood grain is good for furniture
  6. Distinctive fragrance

Lack of agarwood

  1. The price of agarwood is currently still relatively expensive, even more expensive than the price of ironwood, teak or bengkirai or merbau wood.
  2. The weight of the wood is relatively heavy, so when used as a material for furniture or furnishings, it is difficult to move around.
  3. The growth process of agarwood tree is quite slow, this is what makes this wood rare in the market.
  4. Those are some plus and minus points of agarwood that you can consider before buying or using it.

The benefits of agarwood are often used

Considering that this wood is of good quality and has a good appearance, so its uses are very diverse. Some of them even use it as herbal or traditional medicine.

What's the explanation like? Check out the reviews below:

1. Furniture material

One of the uses for this wood or agarwood is mostly used as raw material for making household furniture or furniture such as shelves, television tables, cabinets, tables, chairs and doors.

Its strong wood texture is supported by a unique wood grain appearance, making this agarwood suitable for household furniture. Make it look like luxury furniture that is suitable to be applied to modern, industrial, contemporary and Scandinavian minimalist residential concepts.

2. Making perfumes and fragrance products

Keep in mind that this gaharu wood contains sap on the inside of the tree trunk, now it is this agarwood sap that is usually processed into perfume products to make perfumes for the room.

However, the sap of the gaharu tree must go through a processing process in order to extract its fragrance to be used as an ingredient for making perfumes and fragrance products.

3. Overcoming health problems

Compared to other woods, this agarwood tree has a myriad of benefits that can be processed into various human needs for daily life. One of them is used as herbal medicine, including:

  1. Gaharu coffee: Gaharu tree leaves can be extracted and made into coffee, believed to have properties to overcome health problems such as insomnia, sexual dysfunction, sex drive, increase stamina and brain intelligence.
  2. Gaharu tea: Gaharu tree can also be processed into tea, has benefits for treating asthma, diabetes, cancer, prostate, kidney to gout.
  3. Grease oil: Inside the gaharu tree there is a content called hirudin which we can make topical oil to improve blood circulation in human vital organs.

Other benefits of agarwood:

  • Making incense
  • As a raw material for construction or building materials
  • Crafts or souvenirs Plywood