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What is Kempas Wood ???

Navigasi - For those of you who have just heard of Kempas wood, we will try to explain about Kempas which is currently a wood that is widely used for various purposes. Maybe this wood is not as famous as teak and other woods that are already very popular in the market.

Kempas is a tree plant belonging to the Caesalpiniaceae tribe, spread in Malaysia, Sumatra, Bangka Belitung, and Kalimantan. This plant is also called break even.

The height of this tree can reach 30 meters. pinnate compound leaves, consisting of 5-8 egg-shaped leaflets.

Kempas is a high hard wood, this wood is often used for very heavy construction materials such as railroad sleepers, building poles, and other structures.

Although this kempas wood is hard wood, but this wood is included in the wood that has low durability. therefore this wood is rarely used for furniture or furniture.

know the characteristics of kempas wood

Now in terms of its characteristics, this kempas wood has a yellowish white or gray color, but some are reddish brown. The wood texture itself is a bit rough and the hardness level is quite high, but the level of durability is quite low.

Although the level of durability is relatively low, this type of wood can be relied on to meet various needs in the interior and exterior of buildings or residential areas, especially in the construction sector. How to process kempas wood

To process this kempas wood is very easy, because it can be shaved using a machine until it is smooth, but it is not enough to just shave it. This wood must be sanded again so that the hairs that come out of the wood are gone and the feel is really smooth. then before the varnish this wood must be putty first.

tips for processing kempas wood

Although kempas wood is considered hard wood, don't let it be nailed when it's going to be processed. because if this wood is nailed it will break easily. it would be nice if you want to make a hole in the drill first and then you can nail it.

Kempas currently can be said to be the prima donna wood, because the high level of hardness and has a distinctive fiber that is like long needles, making this wood able to attract buyers.

Even this kempas wood is often processed into wooden floors that are installed outside the room (wooden decking), outdoor wood floors using kempas make this wood even more valuable. Moreover, nowadays many luxury buildings like to use wood parquet flooring materials.

the price of kempas wood per meter

The price of kempas wood itself is quite cheap when compared to other solid wood prices. For the price of wood kempas varies greatly, depending on the size. per meter it can cost IDR 300 thousand or 30 US Dollars, while for units per cubic it can reach millions of rupiah.

Benefits of kempas wood

There are several benefits that can be produced by this kempas wood, one of which is being used as outdoor decking or wooden floors that are applied to open spaces.

Kempas wood is not only used as an outdoor wood floor, but it can also be used for other purposes, including:

Kempas wood is often used to make furniture

It is undeniable that the furniture industry cannot be separated from wood material, it can be said that almost everything related to furniture must use wood elements as its raw material.

This is because the wood material has many advantages and has its own uniqueness compared to other materials.

Likewise, the kempas wood, where this type of wood is needed in the furniture sector to be used as various household appliances such as chairs, tables, shelves, cabinets and so on.

Because this wood has a beautiful wood grain supported by a unique and attractive color display.

Kempas wood likes to be used as a minimalist house ceiling frame

Besides being used to make furniture, this kempas wood can also be used as a roof frame for buildings or residences because it has a fairly high level of hardness and strength.

Although its durability is not very good, it is even low, but to be used as a wooden ceiling frame for a minimalist house, this kempas wood is reliable because in addition to being termite resistant, this type of commercial wood can also withstand weather changes. That is why kempas wood is often used as wood decking.

the benefits of kempas wood for window & door frames

Both doors and window frames made of kempas wood do present a distinctive appearance and seem natural and beautiful. That's why window or door frames made of kempas wood are usually sold at relatively high prices.

Apart from a good appearance, doors and window frames that use processed wood will be very sturdy and resistant to termites and can withstand changes in weather or temperature. So do not be surprised, if kempas wood is ideal for use as residential interior purposes.

Can kempas wood be used for wooden floors?

Kempas wood has a hard grade III-IV, a strong class I-II level and a medium swelling shrinkage level. This wood is quite good to use as a wooden floor. We also have flat wood flooring products for decking.

The cheap price of the kempas wood floor makes it an alternative choice from Bengkirai or Ulin wood which has a higher price.

As for Indoor, Teak and merbau wood flooring still dominates the market and there are still no other products that can match it.

teak vs kempas wood

Kempas wood can be said to be wood whose quality is below teak, but about the level of hardness and appearance of the kempas is also very good.

There is nothing wrong if you want to use kempas wood to beautify a house. Kempas is a hard wood with a low level of durability, so this wood is sold at an affordable price.

While teak is a wood with a fairly high price, teak wood has long been used for various purposes for frames, furniture, and the main material for wooden floors.

Teak wood is sold at a high price because it has good quality, let's look at it in terms of durability. Teak wood is very hard, termite-resistant, and has an attractive pattern or fiber. There are so many patterns of teak wood that are a mainstay to increase the price.

Even teak wood is divided into three categories, namely grade A, grade B, and grade C. The quality is still the same. but the difference is in terms of taking the wood during the cutting process. some are taken from the middle and some are taken from the outside. (When still in the form of a tree).

kempas wood vs merbau wood

While merbau or ipil wood is the name of a type of tree that produces high quality hardwood. member of the Fabaceae (Leguminosae) tribe. Because of its hardness in the Maluku and West Papua regions, this wood is also called iron wood.

While in Papua New Guinea this wood is known as kwila. while the names in English are mirabow, and moluccan irin wood.

When compared to kempas wood, merbau wood is still superior in all aspects. but that doesn't mean the kempas wood is bad or unfit for use. Kempas wood is still very suitable for use for your home needs. Especially for indoor furniture.

Kempas wood VS bengkirai wood

Then what about bengkirai wood. This wood is indeed very popular which offers a series of advantages, one of which can make the house look charming.

Bengkirai wood has the same high level of hardness as kempas wood. even this wood has a heavy weight. heavier than kempas and teak wood.

However, this wood has a weakness that the potential for cracking is very high. Although it is easy to crack wood, it is very easy to repair.

This wood is almost equivalent to teak, because the strength level is in class I and II. so that the wood is very well used for various purposes of the house inside and outside the house.

When compared to kempas wood in terms of price, bengkirai wood is indeed more expensive than kempas. The price of this bengkirai wood is comparable to the selling price of teak wood.

Thus our review this time about kempas wood, hopefully the above discussion can be useful for those of you who are looking for the best wood material for various purposes. That's all and thank you