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Easy Ways to Install a Fire Alarm

Navigation Info - fire is a disaster that is very detrimental to the victims where a lot of property is lost and even lives  belonging to the victim.

Easy Ways to Install a Fire Alarm
Easy Ways to Install a Fire Alarm

Fire is also not only detrimental to the owner of the property itself, but sometimes the fire that occurs as a result of a fire disaster can become larger and spread to the surrounding area. experienced by business actors which can eliminate jobs or people's livelihoods.

Although many companies have realized the risk of this fire disaster by insuring their company to an insurance company, getting insurance money from insurance companies requires a long process and time so they have to stop the production process which automatically harms many parties not only business people but employees, business people around the company and others.

Therefore preventing a fire disaster would be better than waiting for a fire disaster to occur that's why some companies or even luxury homes have tried to avoid fires as much as possible by installing alarms

The fire alarm itself reacts quickly to smoke and temperature. there are even some fire alarms that will automatically turn off the fire or the source of smoke near the fire alarm, such as spraying water or fire extinguishers directly on the source of the fire, in other words, by installing a fire alarm, it will be more effective in preventing fires. 

How to Install Fire Alarm

Basically installing a fire installation is not so difficult, more or less the same as installing other electrical installations, therefore we will share some experiences about installing fire alarms as follows :

Materials and tools needed for Fire Alarm installation

Materials and tools The requirements for installing a fire installation include the following:

Alarm Control Panel (MCFA/FCP)
Smoke Detector
Heat Detector
Manual Call Point (MCP)
Horn Strobe
Terminal Box Fire Alarm (TBFA)
Isulator module
pipe ( PVC / galpanic )
pipe clamp
clamp clamp
cable skun
cable gland
Cable terminal
cable marker
cable ties

Smoke detector test kit

Screwdriver plus
Min screwdriver
Combination pliers
Cutting pliers
Hand Drill
Drill bit
A drill bit for punching holes (pelong drill bit)
Bending pipe
Safety shoes
Safety helmet

How to install the Alarm cable Installation path

  1. The first step is to measure the distance of the cable from the panel to the alarm position to be installed
  2. Then measure the distance of the protective pipe (PVC / galvanized) cable as needed
  3. Install the pipe according to the distance that has been marked
  4. Then insert the cable (pull the cable) into the pipe that we installed earlier
  5. Give cable markers (cable markers) on each cable that will be installed so that when the repair is not difficult 
  6. If there is a cable connection, it is better to install T-doos so that if there is a problem with the cable connection it is easy to monitor and also relieve when pulling cables.

How to install smoke detectors and other fire alarms

  • Mark the location where the smoke detector or heat detector will be installed
  • Then install the smoke detector holder and the heat detector.
  • T pull the cable to the smoke detector and heat detector holder
  • Then connect or connect the smoke detector and heat detector to the cable leading to the panel, don't forget to make sure you connect the cable correctly, don't turn it upside down ( + )  as well as ( - ) if one alarm will not work
  • In the panel connection also do not mix positive or negative make sure all cables have been marked so that you are not confused 

If everything is installed correctly, you can test it with the SOP for testing the fire alarm so that it is in accordance with the applicable procedures. If you are still confused about how to install it, you can watch the video below:

For testing the fire alarm, you can watch the video below if you still don't understand how:

That is a little experience on how to install a fire alarm that I can share with you, hopefully it can be useful for you, thank you for visiting our blog and success always.