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Enggal District Youth Organization Holds Entrepreneurial Outreach with NucClean

Navigasi - Chairman of the Youth Organization of Enggal Sub-district, Tantrawan Patria Wicaksono held an Entrepreneurial Socialization to Community Mothers in Enggal Area, Bandar Lampung, Thursday (01/09/2022).

Enggal District Youth Organization Holds Entrepreneurial Outreach with NucClean
Enggal District Youth Organization Holds Entrepreneurial Outreach with NucClean

Karang Taruna Enggal carried out entrepreneurship socialization on Thursday, September 1, 2022 in the Rawa Laut Village, Enggal District, which is located at Jl Melati no 20 Enggal, Bandar Lampung. The event was held from 09.00-14.00 which was attended by Mrs. Plt. Enggal Sub-district Head Mrs. Rina Nuriwati, S.E., M. M., Commissioner of PT Bersih Harum Sehat Mr. Riswan, Director Mrs. Rosmawati and residents of Pahoman, Pelita, Tanjung Karang, Enggal, Gunung Sari and Rawa Laut communities and attended by approximately 100 people divided into three waves.

In this case the head of Karang Taruna gave his speech. "That's because mothers have to be economically independent and can help their fathers find money so they can help their families and generate profits for the Karang Taruna treasury," said Tantrawan.

Commissioner of PT Bersih Harum Sehat, Pak Riswan, with the product brand Nucclean, said that the product originated from MSME products.

"Nucclean started from MSME products that were established at the time of Covid approximately 3 years ago and now have complete IPR, Halal, Ministry of Health and Circular Permits," he explained.

The advantages of this product are not hot in the hands, environmentally friendly, fragrant, more economical, cleaner, long lasting aroma and the price is right in the pocket and friendly. benefit.

For mothers who want to take business opportunities it is permissible because in Lampung it has not been circulated and the sole distributor is Mr. Rahmat.

Director of PT Bersih Harum Sehat Ibu Rosmawati conveyed to the mothers.

"Women, it's nice to find money on their own because I have experience working in a comfort zone, but now switching to my own business is even more fun because meeting people can tell stories, share experiences," said Mrs. Rosmawati.

One of the successful distributors within a year was Mrs. Melin where she shared her experience. "Mrs. Melin has been abandoned by her husband but Ms. Melin continues to try without giving up and does not complain and someone offers NucClean products to become a distributor, so I take the opportunity, now I have ten agents spread across Jabodetabek and will now expand to Kalimantan and are very really helps the family economy, my marketing method is sometimes online, I always post on Tiktok, and IG until people get tired of seeing it and as soon as someone wants to know about it, the viewer inbox. I take 5,000 times profit so it's a big coffer and I don't need to sell assets -assets so that my economy can recover," said Mrs. Melin

Plt. The Enggal sub-district head, Ibu Rina, told the youth cadres that there is no money to organize an organization, but how can the organization run.

"How can this organization run without disrupting the family's economy by creating fortune opportunities, business opportunities that can now contribute to selling NucClean products can act as agents in their area," he said.

Prior to the NucClean meeting in Lampung between Mr. Rahmat, Mr. Novis and Mr. Shodiq anjangsana went to his house to become the Promoter, management team in Lampung. Then Novice as Deputy Secretary of the Lampung Merchants and MSME Restoration Movement (GARPU) had ideas and ideas that by having a market place for NucClean products and other MSME products, especially those in Lampung, they could quickly be recognized by the public and people would buy them quickly because it was practical. Rahmat and Shodiq will create a marketplace called Lampung Shop and offline marketing through communities, organizations because there are still few organizational managers who grow the organization by creating business opportunities and earning income from the organization. Instead of making it big, it's degrading, then Pak shodiq joked as one of the administrators of the Lampung Online Journalists Association (AJOL) and a digitizing activist.

He is ready to help both offline and online, so that the organization, God willing, from the DPD Representative in the City/Regency in Lampung can help with NucClean products. and MSME products can develop quickly and progress.

As for the plans for the AJO Lampung office, on Jl Dempo Labuhan Ratu, Bandar Lampung, as well as the promoter and management team of NucClean Lampung with the Lampung Shop.

As for NucClean products in Lampung, those who want to order can go through Rahmat as the sole distributor 088287072899, Shodiq 082179930339 and Tantrawan, Head of Youth Organization in Enggal District 085279223384.