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History of Saritem Night Tourist Attractions

Navigasi - Saritem is a legendary localization in Indonesia and its name is already well-known for slime tourists or plain-nosed men, which is located in the Bandung area, West Java, near the Astana Anyar train station and Gardu Jati.

History of Saritem Night Tourist Attractions

From the hustle and bustle of the sparkling night tours of Saritem, which are filled with night women and liquor which has been a trade mark for slime tourism, such as the localization of Dolly alley, Nusantara street, cement alley, Bogor and others located in other big cities.

it turns out that from the sparkling world of the night, it turns out that Saritem has a fairly dark history, which is as follows:

As we know the localization of Saritem itself has existed since the Indonesian colonial era which became a place for sex or a place of entertainment for Dutch and Japanese tourists who were far from their families, especially their wives and lovers.

Saritem itself first operated as a tourist spot around 1838 which provided beautiful young women by deceiving or forcing these women from remote areas which is still innocent which ironically is still true today.

The name Saritem itself was taken from the village flower in the Bandung area, where at that time her beauty was famous and captivated the Dutch colonialists at that time and made her the mistress of the Netherlands so that her name soared with the nickname Nyai Saritem.

A few years later Saritem was ordered by the Dutch Company to find women to date single Dutch soldiers. (At that time, the Gardu Jati area was used as a military headquarters for Dutch soldiers).

For this activity, Saritem was facilitated by a fairly large house. Gradually the girls that Saritem gathered increased.

Saritem gathers women from various areas from Bandung and its surroundings, such as Cianjur, Sumedang, Garut, and Indramayu. And since then the name Saritem began to be famous.

More and more people came to the house he managed. Not only from the single soldiers. Elderly soldiers also came to Saritem's place. Even some indigenous people also came.

Especially the natives who have money to taste what is offered by Saritem. Seeing the success of Saritem, many Dutch concubines did similar businesses until the area became a localization in the Dutch era.

This made Saritem's friends who were also concubines of the Dutch army interested in opening a similar business. They are mostly women who have been fostered by Saritem. Until finally after Saritem's death because of age there is a limit, the localization is known as "Saritem" which has been established since 1838. Even though Saritem has died, the people know the location as Saritem.

With the Bandung City Regulation No. 11/1995, effective November 2006 all localization complexes will be abolished. All Saritem localization activities will conclude on April 17, 2007 at 24.00, and Saritem will close on April 18, 2007 at 09.00 WIB.

Saritem is no longer official localization anymore. In fact, in this alley a boarding school has been built. However, it turns out that the construction of this pesantren was not able to prevent sexual intercourse in the area.

Actually, the Bandung City Government had closed the Saritem localization in 2015. At that time, large-scale raids were carried out by the Bandung Police. Hundreds of sex workers were sent to the Social Service to be given counseling and training.

In fact, the Bandung City Government, when led by Mayor Ridwan Kamil, had planned to turn Saritem into a gold industrial area. However, so far this plan has not appeared.

Long before Ridwan Kamil took the lead, the area was rumored to have been closed. In 2007, the Bandung City Government under the leadership of Mayor Dada Rosada, officially closed the lokalisasi. The government at that time had purchased a number of lands in Saritem, one of which was made to be used as an At Taubah Islamic boarding school.

However, until now, Saritem's efforts to control Saritem have not yielded any results. Saritem continues to pulsate following market demand that never subsides.