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How to Create a Marketing Management Strategy for Marketing in today's Digital Age

Navigasi - Marketing Management and Marketing Strategy in the style of Blogger in this digital era is not so easy to move promotional media from the form that its predecessor was printed in and transferred to digital form.

How to Create a Marketing Management Strategy for Marketing in today's Digital Age
How to Create a Marketing Management Strategy for Marketing in today's Digital Age

Everyone has their own duties and responsibilities, and in this era of sophisticated technological development, it develops very quickly.

Ways of Marketing Management and Marketing Strategy

The admin will review a little that admin knows how to manage marketing and this marketing strategy, we see and we will review.

The following are marketing management tips and marketing strategies:

Marketing 1.0 Age Of Advertising

At the beginning of the emergence of information technology, all large companies competed to display their brands through advertising (Advertising) in magazines, newspapers and radio.

And this advertising model is very uniform, because the delivery is very static, the content in it also contains Product Knowledge and also focuses on appearance only.

Marketing 2.0 Digital Marketing

This type of marketing 2.0 Digital Marketing, this content comes with digital content, many types are used such as E-mail Marketing, com Ads, Web Marketing, and the most recent type is e-commerce.

Marketing 3.0 Modern Marketing

The large selection of types of marketing starting from content, channel usage, and customer service from manual to automated, management in this era of sophisticated technology, allows business people to always engage with their consumers in real time.

The more sophisticated the technology, the more choices there are, and therefore the tighter the competition. The method of determining your consumers for promotional media is one of the main keys.

The Key to Successful Marketing Management in the Digital Age

From so many choices and the development of this marketing model, it is not an easy thing to determine sorting and choosing the right marketing method. The admin will give the key to successful marketing management in this digital era, let's look at it and review it.

4 Categories of Marketing Management in the Digital Age

Well, let's review the 4 points of the marketing management category in this digital era, pay attention to it carefully.

1. Content Marketing

Offering a product is not a very easy thing, especially if no one wants to buy your product, if you offer both directly and face-to-face. With this content marketing, it changes the traditional marketing paradigm pattern to be more natural.

The existence of marketing through useful content from infographics, photos, videos, your brand can be present in the midst of customers without the need to use direct company intervention. The key to success is how to make the content liked by others and can invite the spread of content voluntarily.

2. Social Media

Once recognized, social media has changed the pattern of communication between brands and their consumers a lot. Social Media no longer lies in the problem of the beauty of the image, Product Knowledge, but rather lies in how much interaction is created.

Many features are located in it, such as live realtime features on Instagram, Youtube, com webinars, zoom, as well as group chat channels such as whatsapp, telegram and others, which will greatly facilitate businesses to be present in their customers' daily lives and appear as they are. And with this closeness that will be the key to successful marketing success through social media that you have.

3. Big Data

Big Data has enabled marketers to find out more about their "customers" consumers. Not only consumer needs, even habits, demographics, also consumer behavior can formulate a very appropriate marketing strategy.

Companies that have good data management and appropriate use will certainly be able to create much better marketing performance, and will also be right on target.

4. Mobile Mindset

With the increasingly sophisticated development of this technology, internet access is very much enjoyed and accessed via smartphones for now, compared to a desktop or "personal computer" PC, so this business must be made with a mobile mindset with this phenomenon. So this marketing business must be carried out according to integration on all platforms, especially with smartphones.

The Marketing Team will be ideal in the Digital Age

The Marketer Team is required to specialize in work according to the abilities or skills possessed by each person. The following is an example of the division of labor for Human Resources in the marketing field in accordance with the 4 points described above:

  1. Content Specialist
  2. Social Media Manager
  3. Automation Specialist
  4. Marketing

that's how to make marketing management a marketing strategy, hopefully it will be useful for you and thank you for visiting our blog.